Carroll County TN Deeds

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Misc. Ruff Deeds
James Adams Land Grant 1821
James Adams Land Grant 1820
James Adams 1822
James Adams to Samuel Woods 1823
Edward Busey to John C. McLemore 1825
Robt. Flemming to Benjamin Roney 1826
James Greer Land Grant 1820
Edward Gwin Land Grant 1825
Edward Gwin Jr. to Jones Rodgers 1829
Edward Gwin, Sr. to Edward Gwin, Jr. 1826
Edward Gwin Jr. to David McDonald 1861
John and William Gwin  1822
John Gwin to Edward Gwin, Jr. 1828
William Horton to Samuel Ingram 1826
Hiram Langston to Samuel Baxter 1828
Alexander McRae to Edward Gwin 1828
David Moore Bill of Sale 1828
Enoch Morgan Land Grant 1846
Jones Rodgers Land Grant 1826
1855 Land Deed from William Rogers heirs
Abram Shepherd Land Grant 1820
Samuel Woods to Edward Busey 1823
Edward Gwin Grant 1829
Thomas Crawford to John McDonald 1838
James F. Dougherty to Edward Gwin 1838
Edward & John Gwin to George S. Miller 1828
Edward Gwin to George H. Bagby 1831
Edward Gwin to Benjamin Berry 1834
Edward Gwin to Benjamin Berry 1834
Edward Gwin to Anderson Liles 1834
Edward Gwin to Phillip May 1832
McKennon Estate to John Norman 1834
William Jourden 1843 & 1846
Robert E.C. Dougherty to Edward Gwin 1838
F.T. Scates to A.H. Scates 1841
Neely, Whitesides to Gwin & McKernon
REC Dougherty to Edward Gwin 1838
Robert E.C. Dougherty to Edward Gwin 1838
Sion Rodgers, Sheriff to Edward Gwin 1829
Radford Walker to William L. Rogers 1834
Thomas M. Pemberton 1842
Jonathan A. Robinson to H.A. Moore 1845
Edward Gwin to Samuel Ingram 1829
Thomas Pemberton to Hugh A. Moore 1845
Martin C. Randol to Thomas M. Pemberton 1842
Edward Gwin to James Rogers 1832
Thos. A. Crawford to Martin C. Randal 1841
Jones Rodgers to Wm. L. Patton 1835
Land Survey for Alexander Gwin
Lundy, Jackson, McDonald, Scott, Everett, Foster
to A.L. Johnson 1914
Spencer Bomar to George Glover 1858
Spencer Bomer to John W. White 1858
Spencer Bomer to John McDonald 1858
E.T. Burnes to Edward Gwin 1861
David McDonald to John Cooper 1874
David and Joseph McDonald to Sarah G. Ezell 1867
H.A. Moore to D. McDonald 1849
McDonald to Sparks 1914
Heirs of John Everett Survey 1845
W.B. & Essie Everett to R.M. Hall 1935
W.B. & Essie Everett to A.L. Johnson 1929
Ezells to Joseph McDonald 1867
Heirs of R.G. Ezzell 1900
J.M. Ezzell to J.R. Ezzell 1900
Fuqua Descendents to W.S. Fuqua 1866
John T. Fuqua to Martha Ann Fuqua 1881
R.A. Belew to R.G. Ezzell 1868
W.S. Fuqua to James Fuqua 1866

J.N. & Will McDonald 1905

John McDonald to James S. Taylor 1848
J.N. and Beatrice Johnson to Everett Foster 1962
L.A. Morris to J.N. Johnson 1962
George & Nannie Jones to W.R. Gilbert 1902
Joseph Guinn 1845
E.T. Burns to Joseph R. McDonald 1869
McDonald & Ezell Quit Claim Deed 1867
Littleberry Gwin Land Grant 1846
David McDonald to Brinkley R. & Thomas F. Caraway 1856
W.D. McDonald to Charlie Penick 1936
C.M. McGee to A.L. Johnson 1941
A.C. McGeehee to W.C. Gilbert 1859
C.M. McGee to J.E. McGee 1942
J.E. & Effie McGee to C.M. & Annie McGee 1941
Edward Gwin to Lewis W. DeShony 1869
James G. Roulstone to Edward Gwin 1840
John C. McLemores 1826
Thomas Moore Land Grant 1846
Hugh A. Moore Land Grant 1846
H.A. Moore to E.T. Burns 1857
H.A. Moore to David Fuqua 1866
H.A. Moore to J. McDonald 1853
G.L. Moseley to W.B. McDonald 1932
John Norman 1845
Oscar McDonald & wife to J.N. & Will McDonald 1896
B.F. Johnson to S.S. Patton 1889
S.S. Patton to T.E. Gilbert 1899
Thomas Patton to John McDonald 1857
R.B. Payne to John McDonald 1862
Thomas Moore to Phebe Scates 1843
Joseph Rannals Land Survey 1823
Phebe Scates to David McDonald 1854
S.G. Gilbert to D.W. Gallemore 1914
Joseph Sweany to Tilmon Johnson 1839
Tilmon Johnson to W.D. Scates 1849
Tilman Johnson to Josiah C. Fowler 1849
Tilman Johnson to Alanson Jones 1849
Tilman Johnson to J.W. White 1847
Thomas Moore Land Grant 1846
W.C. Gilbert to Thomas E. Gilbert 1892
John Norman Survey No. 33 1844
W.R. Gilbert to T.G. and J. H. Gilbert 1912
W.W. McDonald to Betty Lou Penick 1967
Stephen Eason vs. Thomas Jones 1849
Stephen Eason Deeds 1867
Alexander Fields to Jordan Anderson 1835