Shelby County TN
1860 Census 
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1st Ward, City of Memphis 1A - 61A Kathy Balestrini
2nd Ward, City of Memphis 62A - 87A Carolyn Black
3rd Ward, City of Memphis 88A - 103A Ed & Valerie Cox
4th Ward, City of Memphis 103B - 115A Ed & Valerie Cox
5th Ward, City of Memphis 115B - 138A Ed & Valerie Cox
6th Ward, City of Memphis 139A - 161B Ed & Valerie Cox
7th Ward, City of Memphis 163A - 223A Ed & Valerie Cox
8th Ward, City of Memphis 223B - 244A Ed & Valerie Cox
1st Civil District 245A - 258A Carol Kalebaugh
2nd Civil District 259A - 264B Carol Kalebaugh
3rd Civil District 265A - 268A Carol Kalebaugh
4th Civil District 269A - 279B Carol Kalebaugh
5th Civil District 280A - 309B Carol Kalebaugh
6th Civil District  310A - 325A Carol Kalebaugh
7th Civil District 326A - 333A Carol Kalebaugh
8th Civil District 334A - 341B Ed & Valerie Cox
9th Civil District 342A - 351B Brenda Watson
10th Civil District  352A - 361A Ed & Valerie Cox
11th Civil District  362A - 370B Brenda Watson
12th Civil District 371A - 379A Brenda Watson
13th Civil District 380A - 382A Ed & Valerie Cox
14th Civil District 383A - 398B Ed & Valerie Cox
Chickasaw City 399A - 406A Vicki Shaffer


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