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ARMSTRONG,  Ezekial 1866 Christi Watkins
BARKER, Gray B.  1871 Catherine Edwards
CLEMENT, Calvin C.  1870 Beth Zimmer
CLEMENT, William 1866 Beth Zimmer
COLE, Shadrick H. 1870 Stephanie Feldman
COOPER, James Irwin 1851 Beth Zimmer
CRAVER, Julia Ann Flowers Forrester  1964 Jackie Isbell Johnston
CROCKER, Edwin H. 1858 Max Crocker
CROCKER, Mark 1858 Barry Crocker
DAVIS, Isham F.  Probate 1846 Beth Zimmer
DAVIS, Isham F.  Estate Settlement Beth Zimmer
ELDER, Robert 1853

Michael Scrape

FLOWERS, Jacob 1852 D. Mcmillen
FLOWERS, Henry 1883 Jackie Isbell Johnston
FREEMAN,  Edmund A.  1870 Beth Zimmer
FURGERSON, H.J.  1913 Stephanie Feldman
GALLAGHER, John  1891 unknown
GRISSOM, John 1864 David Donahue
HARPER, Henry D.  1896 Linda Carpenter
JOHNSON, Jeremiah Frank Johnson 1894 W. Frank Edwards
KEITHLEY,  Archelaus  1859 Cindy Norris
KILZER, Margaret  1910 Bobby Williams
KING, H.A. 1888 Jack King
LYON, William Turner - 1872 Bobbie J. Williams
MATHIS, William  1847  William Witherspoon
McCartney, William  1887 Adam D. McCartney
NETTLES, Harvey - Nancy Nettles Adminstatrix 1850 Wanda Bruce
PAYNE, Thomas 1905 Wanda Bruce
PIPKIN, Enos  1854 Guy Potts
PITTMAN, L.G.H.  1865 Robert T. Swindell
RAMSEY, Mary Polly Overall  1858 Jackie Isbell Johnston
SCRAPE, James D. 1843 Michael Scrape
SCRAPE, Sarah  1847 Michael Scrape
TOWLER, Benjamin 1831 (Surnames:  Towler-Elder-Crisp-Scrape) Michael Scrape
TAYLOR, Edmund 1854 D. Mcmillen
THOMAS, William R. Julia Mortenson
VADEN, D.D.   1858
WELCH , Richard 1861 Wanda Bruce
WHITE, Caroline  1884
WHITE, John 1859
WHITE, John 1859 Christi Watkins
WHITE, William Rufus 1899 Christi Watkins
WILLIAMSON, Beverly  1874 Laura Carney
WILSON, Benjamin F. 1874  Estate Settlement Vicki Shaffer
WILSON, James 1858 Marilyn Stroh

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