Clipper Reid Dowland Interviews  

C. Reid DOWLAND, in the later part of 1940's and into the 1950's went around the Southern Part of Weakley...Greenfield area -  over to McKenzie area of Carroll County, and around the Skullbone community of Gibson County interviewing some of the old timers of the day. He intended to write a book with the interviews but died before it could be published. 

Many of the folks were born around the end of the Civil War.  The following interviews are from his unpublished papers located at the Gordon Browning Museum and Genealogy Library, McKenzie, Carroll County, Tennessee, Jere Cox, Administrator.  They give us a glimpse into what life was like in Skullbonia in years past and also stories about some of it's more colorful citizens. Some of the language used is a little rough, please keep in mind this was language of the time. 

A portion of the material presented here may contain information, racial slurs, or bigoted remarks that some people will find offensive.  We do not condone nor agree with the prejudiced attitudes toward racial minorities that fostered the offensive material.  Rather, it is provided in hopes that it will provide insight into the history of the era and a better understanding of the people living when these interviews were made.




Who's Who in Skullbonia

History of Skullbonia by Carlos Thetford

Native Skullbonians Prominent Citizens

Dowland Reunion 1961

The Questionnaire

Post Office in Skullbone

Doctors of Skullbonia

"Uncle" Green Smith

Rebecca Jones Interview

Walnut Grove Meeting House

Poplar Springs Meeting House

The Dowland and McCaleb Feud

The Killing of Andrew Allen

The Killing of Will Butler

The Killing of John Mullins

R. Onan Ford Interview 1940's

John Cloyd Interview

Walter Akin Interview

Mary Ann Mann Interview

William Early Seat Interview

Anna Crider Interview

Homer Waldrop Interview

Brodie Glenn Taylor Interview

John Parker Interview

Jim Page Interview 1943

Allen Sharp 84 in 1944

Mrs. D.F. Johnson (Susan Flippin)  1945

John David McCartney  1949

Misc. Article with Editorial  from C. Reid Dowland

John Dowland 1960

Will McCaleb  1960

Greenfield, Weakley County TN