Rebecca Lyon to J.H.A. Lyon Deed of Gift

Transcribed by Bobby Williams 

Rebecca Lyon To J. H. A. Lyon Deed Of Gift

Dated February 26, 1880

Submitted by Bobby J. Williams and Janie Williams Morris

Rebecca Lyon was our maternal great-great grandmother

Rebecca Lyon ] This is to witness that Rebecca Lyon has this day leased dismissed and let to J. H. A. Lyon a certain parced of land in

Deed of Gift—To ] Madison County Tennessee including all of the building
] thereon and the appurtenances bounded as follows: on the J. H. A. Lyon ] East by William Lyon: on the West by L. M. Barnett: on the
] North by Nelson & Delap: on the South by M. B. Fly; to Regt. Feb. 26,1880 ] have and to hold as long as the said Rebecca Lyon lives it being a piece of land that J. H. A. Lyon heirs at Rebecca's death it contains 45 acres; the said J. H. A. Lyon promising to pay the said Rebecca Lyon 20 dollars per year for the said tract of land so long as she lives.


This September 25th 1878. I, J. H. A. Lyon agree to pay the taxes in said land yearly.

Witness: William Shane her

Samuel M. Watt Rebecca X Lyon