WWII Soldiers & Sailors Photos
Crockett Co., TN

We are all very thankful to the late Ethel Colston for taking these photos and preserving them,
and to Sandy Walker, her great niece, who contributed them for use on this web site.

If you have a WWII Soldier or Sailor photo that you would like to have added to this page, please send it to Natalie

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Agee, Erskin

Agee, James Marr

Agee, Morris

Agee, Odell

Agee, Orlan "Boots"

Agee, Ralph

Agee, Roy

Alford, Ray

Alley, Carlease

Allison, Conrad & Mom,
Gladys Sudbury Allison

Anderson, Murry

Ange, Horace

Ange, Morris

Avery, Carrol

Babb, Ethridge

Badgett, Edwin

Badgett, Harry

Badgett, James

Badgett, Joe

Baker, Floyd

Baker, Harold

Baker, Odis

Ballanger, J. W.

Ballard, James Elliott

Ballard, Odell

Ballard, Talton

Barcroft, Dorris

Barcroft, J. D.

Barcroft, Leslie Frank

Barcroft, Morris

Bates, Lester

Bedwell, Horace Junior

Bedwell, James Doyle

Belton, J. W.

Belton, Quintin

Bessent, Billy Wayne

Bessent, Ewell

Bessent, Flake

Bessent, James

Bessent, Thomas

Bloomingburg, Wayne

Bloomingburg, Wendell

Blurton, Durwood C.

Blurton, William B.

Boals, William Dean

Boone, Daniel

Boone, Edgar Jr.

Boone, George

Brassfield, Daniel

Brassfield, J. E.

Brassfield, J. W.

Brassfield, John Alford

Brassfield, R. G.

Brassfield, Robert, Jr.

Brigance, James

Bunch, Milton

Burnett, Bobby

Burnett, Jewell

Burnett, Luther

Burnett, Otha

Burpo, Ellick

Burnett, Redell

Burns, Alvin

Burns, James

Burns, Robert

Burrow, John Henry

Butlar, Cletus

Byassee, Leon

Byassee, Millard

Byrd, Jim

Byrd, Richard Vance

Byrd, Rollie Wayne

Camp, Billy

Camp, Durwood

Camp, Jack

Camp, Otha

Campbell, Adrian

Campbell, Percy

Canada, Bill

Capell, Billy

Capell, Calvin

Capell, James

Carlton, Lyndois

Carlton, Melvin

Carmon, Adrian

Carmon, Charlie

Carmon, Doyle Vernon

Carmon, Harold

Carver, Calvin

Castleman, Elmer

Castleman, Fred

Castleman, Wilson

Cheatham, Jessie

Cherry, Parker

Chipman, Preston

Clark, Marion

Clark, Roy Blair

Claybrook, P. Edward

Climer, Aubrey Jr.

Climer, J. T.

Cogburn, Travis

Colston, R. L.

Colston, W. L.

Colston, Wirth W.

Conn, Harry

Cook, Emmitt

Craig, Elbert Wayne

Craig, Frank

Craig, Fred

Craig, Wayne

Crouch, Vane

Crum, Tom

Cunningham, Elbert

Curtis, Marshal

Daniels, Roger

Daniels, Wesley

Davis, Loyd

Davis, Wilmer

Davis, Wilton J.

Davis, Wilton Thomas

Daws, Hobson

Deadmon, Aaron

Deaton, Khuron

Deaton, Weldon

Deaton, Wilbur "Charlie"

Dunagan, Edward "Sonny"

Dunagan, Leonard

Dunavent, Wayne

Dunavent, Weldon

Duncan, Harold

Dunkin, James

Dunston, Nally B.

Dyer, Leland

Earnheart, Max

Eason, D. H.

Eason, Farrow

Eckols, Vernon "Bony"

Elizer, Herbert

Elizer, James Thomas

Elkins, James

Ellis, Thomas

Espey, Darrel

Espey, Winston "Preach"

Faggert, Walter G.

Fennel, Arnold

Fewell, J. B.

Fisher, Delton

Fitzhugh, James

Flesner, J. B.

Floyd, Deloyce

Floyd, James E.

Fowler, Ralph

Freeman, Elam

Freeman, James

French, Ivie

French, Otha

Fullington, Floyd

George, Earl "Jack"

Goforth, Laverne "Pete"

Goforth, Lonnie

Goforth, Sam

Golden, Burk

Golden, Fred W.

Gooch, Dallas

Green, G. H.

Green, Robert Lee Sr.

Griffin, Robert

Griggs, Evaston

Griggs, Flavil

Griggs, Lyndall

Hall, Woodrow

Hallenback, Agnes Byrd

Hamby, Joe

Hammond, J. C.

Hammonds, Herbert

Hand, Herman C.

Hand, Homer

Harber, Billy Austin

Harber, Jesse Jr.

Harber, Marvin

Hardison, Harry

Hardy, Harry

Harper, James

Harris, Butch

Harris, Delois

Harrison, James L.

Harrison, Kenneth M.

Hawkins, John

Hawkins, Victor

Hay, Hassell

Hays, Bill Parker

Heath, Gordon

Hemphill, Clyde

Hicks, Hinton

Hicks, Junior

Hill, Earl

Hogan, Herbert Paul

Hogan, Willie B.

Holdon, William L.

Hopper, Frank, James "Thomas"
& Charles

House, H. D.

Hubbard, James

Hughes, Andrew

Hughes, Eldon

Hurt, Harold

Hutchison, C. T.

Hutchison, Ray

Hutchison, Rivers

Ing, Hershal (Si)

Irvin, Millard

Irvin, William

Jackson, Caraway

James, Wayland

Jarrett, Johny

Johnson, Allie Lee

Johnson, Carrol

Johnson, John B.

Johnson, Robert

Jones, Austin

Jones, Billy

Jones, Frank

Jones, Hathaway

Jones, J. L.

Jones, Warren

Jones, Welch

Jones, William E. (Joe)

Joyner, Earl

Joyner, O. V.

Joyner, Raymond

Kail, Billy

Kail, Burl

Kail, David

Kee, Franklin

King, Aubrey

King, Deloyce

King, Evel

King, Harry

King, Herschel & Mother,
Irma D. (Harber) King

Knowlton, Eddie

Latham, Charles

Latham, Paul

Ledford, James E.

Leggett, Clyde Austin

Leggett, Joe

Lemons, Edwin Ashley

Leonard, James Lelan

Lepper, Ozie

Lipford, Charles

Lipford, Travis

Litton, Carl

Loftis, J. D.

Love, Jewell

Malone, Tom

Mansfield, Finis

Mansfield, Iven "Jake"

Mansfield, Lexie J.

Marshall, Elton

Mayfield, Charles E.

McAlister, Jimmy Lee

McCaig, Woodrow

McClendon, John W.

McGarity, Earnest Rice

McKee, William M.

McKinnon, W. Gerald

McLaughlin, James

Meeks, Paul

Merrick, Carmon

Merrick, Harmon

Miller, John Allen

Moore, Charlie

Moore, Jim

Moore, Neal

Moore, Otha

Moore, Robert V.

Morton, Horace

Moss, Joe Merit

Mount, Donald

Mulder, Henry

Nash, Max

Nichols, Jacob

Norville, Robert Wesson

O'Neal, J. B.

O'Neal, Rowbert

O'Neal, Rowland

Ottinger, J. B.

Owen, Clarence G.

Owens, Robert & Roy

Ozment, Morris

Parker, B. H. "Ham"

Parker, Lorena "Tiny"

Payne, Harold

Payne, Harold Huston

Perry, Billy

Perry, J. W.

Pinkston, William "Frank"

Pitts, Clifton

Pitts, Nelson

Poindexter, Thomas D.

Price, Harold

Rainert, Walter

Rainey, Elmo

Ralph, J. E.

Randle, Morris Elmo

Rayburn, Johny

Reasons, D. W.

Reasons, James H.

Reasons, James H., in France

Reed, Alvin

Remelaid, Vernon

Reynolds, Troy James

Rice, James

Richardson, Welch

Richardson, Wilburn Edwin Sr.

Riggins, Claude Cecil

Riggs, Newt

Riley, Hollis William

Robertson, Beasley

Robison, Clyde

Robison, Murry

Robison, Murry Gleen

Robison, Truman

Rogers, Everett Louis

Sanders, Blair

Sanders, Tommie

Sawyer, Sam

Sawyers, Tom

Scallions, Alvin Arnold

Scallions, Marvin A.

Screws, Edmond

Screws, Johnny

Selph, Nathan

Shearer, Robert

Slayton, Harry

Smith, Dwight

Smith, Iria J. "Tom"

Smith, Russel

Smith, William "Bud"

Speight, Conley

Speight, Dean

Spence, Jamye L.

Spence, John F.

Stallings, Richard "Dick"

Stallings, Wilson

Stephenson, R. A.

Stowe, Marion

Sudbury, Darrel

Sudbury, Jack

Sudbury, Jack Brothers

Sudbury, Paul

Sudbury, Robert

Sudbury, Roy Blair

Sudbury, W. H.

Summer, Robert W.

Summers, Dolphus

Summitt, Willie

Sutton, Howard

Swift, Jerry Dean,
Swift, Lee Lois
Swift, Odis Dell

(These 3 in one photo)

Taylor, Larry "Buck"

Thomason, William P.

Thompson, Robert

Thompson, William Moore

Tillman, J. D.

Tinker, Charlie

Todd, Malcom

Traylor, James

Tweedy, J. H.

Vaden, Judson

Vernon, Clarice "Baby"

Vernon, Ewart Jr.

Vernon, Sonny

Via, Adrian

Vickers, Leroy "Pat"

Walker, Basil

Walker, George

Walker, Houston

Walker, James

Walker, Paul

Watson, J. L.

Weaver, Jewell

Weaver, John Lewis Jr.

Weir, Hoyle

Whitby, Bill

Whitby, Millard

White, Jerald

White, Terrell

Williams, C. H.

Williams, Cornell

Williams, Dillard

Williams, Ivory Lee

Williams, Lemmie

Williams, M. V.

Williams, Sewell

Willis, Edd

Wilson, Fred

Woodside, Norfleet

Wyatt, Ruble

Wylie, Burl

Wylie, Burl

Wyrick, Charles

York, Boon

York, Ned Junior

Young, Brooks

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