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Crockett Co., TN
Surnames L - Y

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LANIER, W. J., of Alamo, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 2 Jun 1941, Probated 1 Nov 1943

Wife: Mary Jane Lanier

Children: Carl Lanier, Gladys Lanier, Hosea Lanier, Roy Lanier, Nannie May Roberts (wife of Vernon Roberts) & Ephraim Lanier

Executor: Son, Carl Lanier

Witnesses: H. B. Nance & J. B. Avery, Jr.


Will dated 22 Apr 1937, Probated 26 Feb 1938

Mentions: Maurine Barker & Willie Sue Hendren Jones (no relationship given)

Executrix: Maurine Banker

Witnesses: H. C. Scales & B. H. Park

LEGGETT, JOE T., of the 11th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 16 Sep 1941, Probated 15 Jul 1942

Wife: Effie Leggett

Brothers: Luther Leggett & Oscar Leggett (Oscar is deceased)

Sisters: Mrs. Edna Powell & Mrs. Clarence Green

Brothers of wife: Jim Stamps & Hubert Stamps

Owns land in 11th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, bounded by Hamlett, Ballentine, Goganus, Powell, Beaver & Warren.

Executrix: Wife, Effie Leggett

Witnesses: Floyd Fewell & Johnie Balentine

LEWIS, JOHN WILLIAM, of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 8 May 1945, Probated 13 Aug 1946

Wife: Josephine Winston Lewis

Son: Julian King Lewis, Sr. (deceased)

Daughter: Ida Lewis Strickland

Grand daughters: Arnill Lewis Smith, Verneda Lewis and Ernestine Lewis Wilson (daughters of Julian King Lewis, Sr.)

Grand sons: John Ellis Lewis, Julian King Lewis, Jr., & Winston Taylor Lewis (sons of Julian King Lewis, Sr.)

Executor: Wife, Josephine Winston Lewis

Witnesses: S. Homer Tatum & A. B. Jetton

LYONS, OLLIE (Mrs.), a widow, of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 19 Apr 1946, Probated 20 May 1946

Sister: Mrs. Kate Jones

Brother: Ben Medlin

Nephews: Fred Medlin & Clyde Cook Medlin, Elton Casey, Robert Casey & Hinton Casey

Nieces: Irene Williamson, Mary Garner (wife of Franklin Garner), Lucile Mulligan (wife of Tom Mulligan), Kittie Drake (wife of Gordon Drake), Mary Lou Lancaster (wife of Charley Lancaster) and Eugenia Hudson (wife of Loui Hudson)

Executor: Nephew, Clyde Cook Medlin

Witnesses: S. Homer Tatum & Mrs. Ola Dean

MATHIS, IDA, of Bells, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 18 Oct 1945, Probated 15 Jun 1950

Son: Willie Cozart

Grandchildren: John Cozart, Ida Cozart, Ophelia Cozart & Junior Cozart (children of son Willie Cozart)

Executor: Grandson, John Cozart

Witnesses: Theo J. Emison & J. B. Avery, Sr.


Will dated 28 Oct 1903, Probated ? (probably between 7 Dec 1903, and Feb. Term 1904)
Minute Book 8, Page 387

Wife: M. F. Maury

Land bounded by: J. L. Perry

Daughter: Lucy Maury

Son: O. M. Maury

Lifelong Friend: L. B. Parker

Executrix: Wife, M. F. Maury

Witnesses: J. B. Parker, J. H. Nunn


Will dated 4 Oct 1901, Probated Nov. Term, 1901
Minute Book 8 Page 188

Wife: M. M. McClanahan

Son: J. R. McClanahan, Jr.

Daughters: Martha McClanahan, Mary, wife of W. J. Morton, Lockie (now deceased), wife of T. S. Neal

Executor: J. R. McClanahan

Witnesses: T. E. Lowry, J. R. McDonald

McCUTCHEON, J. B., of Alamo, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 30 Oct 1945, Codicil dated 22 Aug 1947, Probated 28 Jan 1948

Wife: Deceased, not named

Niece: Mrs. G. A. Wight

Mentions: Mrs. J. E. Klyce, H. B. Nance, Mrs. Annie Ford Wight, Mildred Skipper, J. B. Avery, Sr., Mrs. H. B. Nance, Miss Vernie Read, Herbert A. Perry (a friend), John Dalton Perry (son of Herbert A. Perry),, Mrs. Charles W. Stephenson, Miss Lois Laman, Ella Powell (a domestic servant)

Farm known as the Read or Winfield farm in the 5th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, bounded by Potts Brothers land.

Executor: Friend, Herbert A. Perry of Alamo, Crockett Co., TN

Witnesses to will: H. B. Nance & S. Homer Tatum

Witnesses to codicil: Harry Knox & Muzette Knox


Will dated 30 Aug 1937, Probated 6 Apr 1938

Wants to be buried in the Winfield lot, with body resting at the foot of Irene Winfields grave

Husband: J. B. McCutcheon

Husbands niece: Mrs. Geo. A. Wight (Annie Ford McKnight)

Mentions: E. L. Robinson and wife Lota Clark Robinson, Mrs. Bessie Neal Klyce and her son Warren Klyce, Dr. M. S. Read and wife Docia Read, Mrs. Ruby Laman Stephenson, Miss Lois Laman, Mrs. Elizabeth Nance Clark, Herbert A. Perry and Vinnie Read

Part of farm owned in the 5th Civil District of Crockett Co., known as the Winfield place. Home place located in Alamo.

Executor: Husband, J. B. McCutcheon, or Herbert A. Perry of Alamo, TN if husband dies

Witnesses: Nathan Lewis & A. J. Randolph

McLEARY, J. A., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated Oct. 1914, Probated 14 May 1929

Wife: Birtha McLeary

Sons: Finis McLeary & J. B. McLeary

Land, located in the 2nd Civil District, Crockett Co., purchased from J. F. & Dixie Hart on 27 Nov 1913

Executor: Son, J. B. McLeary

Witnesses: J. H. Thomas & J. R. Thweatt

McLEARY, J. B., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 31 Mar 1942, Probated 28 Jun 1947

Children: Iona Boone, Allie M. McLeary, Clyde McLeary, Hautie DeLoach, Gladys Smith, J. B. McLeary, Jr., Herndon McLeary

Home place in the 2nd Civil District, Crockett Co., bought from Clark Peterson, bounded by Humphreys heirs, Will Craddock, McLeary & Williams heirs.

Executor: Son, Clyde McLeary

Witnesses: Max A. McKibben & J. O. Buckner

MEACHAM, P. B., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 5 Feb 1946, Probated 24 Feb 1949

Foster Sons: Comer W. Young, Jr. & Ross Floyd

Farm located Crockett Co., TN, bounded by T. S. Espy, Burly Williams & I. W. Goodwin

Executor: Foster Son, Comer W. Young, Jr.

Witnesses: J. N. Hysinger & Henry Adcox

MILLARD, B. J., of the 4th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 12 Sep 1911, Probated April Term 1915
Minute Book 9 Page 671 & 672

Wife: Mrs. Cora D. Millard

Son: J. B. Millard

Mentions that property is to go to "my children" but they are not named

Executor: Son, J. B. Millard

Witnesses: Jno. H. Perry, B. F. Richardson

MITCHELL, JAMES, of Madison Co., TN

Will dated 2 Mar 1870, Filed in Madison Co. 17 Nov 1880, no date of probate
Will Book A Page 114
[This will extract is included, because it was filed in Crockett Co., TN]

Wife: Sarah W. Mitchell

Son: Lemuel J. Mitchell

Daughters: Sallie Ann Mitchell, Francis Jane Coker & Paralee Baker

Executor: Son-in-law Thomas A. Baker & R. J. Williams

No witnesses listed

MITCHELL, WILLIAM J., Batchelor, of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 12 Aug 1909, Probated 17 Mar 1913
Minute Book 9, Page __

Paralee Baker & Dorsey L. Baker are to share estate (no relationship given)

Mentions: "I direct that a monument be erected to each member of our family, equal in price to that erected to the late R. H. Mitchell"

Executors: Paralee Baker & Dorsey L. Baker

Witnesses: J. C. Humphreys, W. M. Miller, Geo. F. Goosemann

MOORE, EMMA (Mrs.), of Alamo, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 12 Dec 1947, Probated 8 Jan 1951

Children: E. C. Moore, T. R. Moore, LaVerne Moore Avery & Beatrice Moore Culp

Executor: Son, E. C. Moore

Witnesses: H. B. Nance & J. B. Avery, Sr.

MOUNT, H. N., of the 11th Civil District of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 27 Jan 1892, Probated Nov. Term, 1912
Minute Book 9, Page 450

Wife: Martha Jane Mount

Sons: H. W. Mount & H. M. Mount (under age 21)

Granddaughter: Bertie L. Mount (under age 21)

Executrix: Wife, Martha Jane Mount

Witnesses: J. T. Rice of Crockett Co. & W. R. Stephenson of Crockett Co.

NEAL, JOHN P., of Alamo, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 26 Sep 1910, Probated 22 Jul 1936

Wife: Fannie Neal

Children: Mrs. Bessie Klyce (wife of J. E. Klyce) and W. Hock Warren (wife's son by a former husband)

Executrix: Wife, Fannie Neal

Witnesses: W. P. Dodson & W. F. Poston

NEIL, J. F., of Bells, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 24 Mar 1914, Probated 16 Jun 1933

Wife: Mary Annie Neil

Executrix: Wife, Mary Annie Neil

Witnesses: S. F. Thomas, Brownsville, TN & Jno. O. Bomer, Brownsville, TN

NICHOLS, A. N. (Mr.)

Will dated 4 Feb 1937, Probated 22 Jan 1947

Has no children

Nephew: W. E. Nichols, Jr.

Executor: Nephew, W. E. Nichols, Jr.

Witnesses: Glen C. Randolph & Oleve C. Hugueley

NOWELL, M. H., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 9 Feb 1949, Probated 29 Aug 1949

Wife: Annie Nowell

Son: Jimmie Nowell

Grandchildren: C. T. Avery, Bennie Avery & Ruth Avery, Mrs. Mary Chronister Robertson & her brother James Chronister

Executor: Son, Jimmie Nowell

Witnesses: G. W. Riddick & J. M. Riddick

OLIVER, S. H. (Mrs.)

Will dated 17 Apr 1946, Probated 28 Apr 1949

Son: Leonard Oliver

Grandson: Charles F. Oliver

Grand daughter: Jane (Oliver) Forsythe

Daughter-in-law: Sadie Oliver

Executor: Grandson, Charles F. Oliver

Witnesses: Herbert Perry & Harry Knox

PATTON, F. T., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 11 Apr 1936, Probated 24 Apr 1936

Wife: Mary Patton

Executrix: Wife, Mary Patton

Witnesses: R. A. Spellings & H. A. Taylor

PEACOCK, W. C. (Mr.)

Will dated 31 Mar 1930, Probated 3 Nov 1930

Daughters: Mrs. Maggie Lou Moore, Mrs. Ollie May (or Mai) Mays & Mrs. Rosa Pearl Brassfield

Son: William Irby Peacock

Grandson: James Billie Mays (son of Ollie May/Mai Mays)

Home place located in the 7th Civil District of Crockett Co., TN, bounded by Sanders, Conley & Cates.

Executor: My friend, J. F. Knox

Witnesses: A. J. Randolph & Glen C. Randolph


Will dated 22 Feb 1946, Probated 13 Jun 1946

Age 70 yrs., to be buried in the cemetery in Bells, Crockett Co., TN

Wife: Ethel Loretta Pearson

Sons: Fred Harris Pearson, Hugh Humphreys Pearson, Clyde Henry Pearson

Daughter: Blanche Loretta White

Owns land known as the Dunagan tract

Executor: Son, Clyde Henry Pearson

Witnesses: J. B. Avery Jr. & J. B. Avery Sr.


Will dated 6 Jul 1944, Probated 13 Mar 1950

Sons: T. H. Avery (deceased), J. B. Avery, Sr. & Harry S. Avery

Daughter: Julia Rosamond Avery

Grandsons: T. H. Avery & Erroll Avery (children of son T. H. Avery)

Owns 2/7 interest in land in the 7th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, known as the Avery Home Place, deeded by James H. Avery & Cenith Avery Sutton

Executors: Sons, Harry S. Avery & J. B. Avery, Sr.

Witnesses: James B. Nance & Leslie Sims


Will dated 17 Jul 1903, Probated 29 Oct 1906
Minute Book 8, page 659

Mentions: Sudie L. Hughes, whom I have raised, is the sole heir

Executrix: Sudie L. Hughes

Witnesses: B. W. Brown, J. C. Best

POINDEXTER, WILLIAM H., of Bells, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 17 Jul 1903, Probated 1st Monday in Oct. 1903
Minute Book 8, Page 336

Wife: Jemima S. Poindexter

Mentions: Sudie L. Hughes (no relationship given, to get entire estate after death of wife, "whos love and attentions to us and our wants and wishes have been constant)

Executrix: Wife, Jemima S. Poindexter, and Sudie L. Hughes may assist

Witnesses: B. W. Brown, J. C. Best

RAMSEY, IDA W., of Bells, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 15 Aug 1938, Probated 24 Aug 1943

Children: James Edwin Ramsey & Arline Ramsey Chalterton (or Chatterton)

Executor: Son, James Edwin Ramsey

Witnesses: E. T. Jackson & Russell Whitson


Will dated 6 Mar 1935, Probated 28 Feb 1946

"Present Husband", not named

Daughter & only child: Orva Badgett

Executor: Daughter, Orva Badgett

Witnesses: J. B. Avery & Marguerite Perry

REASONS, D. T., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 7 Sep 1936, Probated 4 Jan 1937

Wife: Ethel Reasons

Sons: Tommie Gene Reasons & Montague Reasons

Daughters: Dorthey Sue Reasons & Mattie Lou McCord

Witnesses: S. A. Conley, J. D. Dodson & A. R. Reasons

REASONS, JOHN W., of Maury City, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 13 Jul 1943, Probated 8 Sep 1945

Now on active duty, Military service of the United States, Serial Number 34194483, temporarily stationed at the Army Air Base, Herington, KS

Cousin: Ruby Poston

Mentions: Friend, Harold W. Poston, of Maury City, TN

Executor: Ruby Poston, of Maury City, TN, and if unwilling or unable, Harold W. Poston

Witnesses: Louis W. Korber, Howard E. Dean & Bruce R. Collins (all residing at AAB, Herington, KS)

REDMOND, THOMAS, of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 17 May 1944, Probated 12 Mar 1945

Generally known as Tommie Redmond

Sister: Sarah Emeline Redmond

Mother, Lillie Stewart Redmond

Executor: Sister, Sarah Emeline Redmond

Witnesses: Leslie Sims & S. Homer Tatum

REVELLE, EDMOND ABRAHAM, of the 8th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 1 Jun 1943, Probated 9 Feb 1946

Wife: Lula Alice Revelle, deceased

Daughters: Mrs. Musette Revelle Reasons, Corinne Revelle Ball (wife of Robert "Willie Bob" Ball), Mrs. Alma Revelle Toth, Mrs. Pattie Revelle Braswell, Mrs. Ada Revelle Daniel

Sons: Cord Revelle, Daniel Revelle & Talmadge Kermitt Revelle (Talmadge is deceased, has children, not named)

Survey of land done & division made by H. J. Conley, on 15 & 16 June 1942

Executor: Son, Cord Revelle

Witnesses: Glen Cates & G. E. Cates

RIGGINS, JOHN ABNER, of the 10th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 1 Dec 1918, Probated 14 Jul 1926
Minute Book 11, Page __

Adopted son: Wiley Riggins, whose name was Wiley Ketchum before adoption

Children: Cornelia Alice (now Mrs. J. W. Riddick, widow of J. W. Riddick, deceased), Robert William Riggins, Lannie E. Riggins, Golie Evaline Riggins, Myrtie Axom (now Mrs. James Archibald) and Mollie, (now Mrs. Tollie Perry)

Executor: Son, Lannie F. Riggins

Witnesses: J. O. Smothers & J. B. Cook

ROBERTS, MINNIE (Mrs.), of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 29 Oct 1904, Probated Aug. Term, 1917
Minute Book 10, Page 104

Children, not named, some under the age of 14

Brother: J. D. Emison

Land, located in the 1st Civil District, bounded by E. N. Bolton, Woods, Richardson & Cunliff

Executor: Brother, J. D. Emison

Witnesses: J. B. Follis & A. C. Patton


Will dated 6 Jan 1938, Probated 21 Sep 1944

Wife: Dora Rowland

Children: Mrs. Georgia Cole, Mrs. Lucile Richardson and Lois Ballinger

Trustee for rent on property: F. W. Hurt, Assistant Cashier of the Bank of Halls, of Halls, TN

Owns land in the 13th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, bounded by Brooks

Executor: F. W. Hurt

Witnesses: P. H. Henderson & McKinley Cherry

SANFORD, DORA SMITH (Mrs.), of Bells, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 14 Jul 1943, Probated 3 Jun 1946

Husband: R. G. Sanford

Daughter: Mrs. Sarah Lee Patton, now residing in Arlington, VA

Executor: Daughter, Mrs. Sarah Lee Patton

Witnesses: Mrs. R. P. Bryant & Martha E. Bryant


Will dated 10 Dec 1927, Probated 3 Feb 1941

Wife: Nannie E. Sanford

Daughter: Mrs. Martha Permenter

Son: R. G. Sanford

Executor: Son, R. G. Sanford

Witnesses: E. C. Smothers & H. A. Taylor

SCALES, C. H., of Friendship, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 7 Nov 1930, Probated 29 Aug 1935

Wife: Ida Scales

Daughter: Lela Scales Stallings

Son: R. P. Scales

Uncle: Bob Scales

Owns Friendship Mill in the town of Friendship, on Depot St., bounded by W. B. Simpson, R. T. Privett & C. H. Scales residence. Also land in the 12th Civil District, Crockett Co., bounded by Jim and Minnie Jones, Bill Latham, L. O. Park & George Williams. Also land in the 15th Civil District, Crockett Co., bounded by Thad Haley, W. E. Whitby, Hughes and Ridgate or Edwards. Also a lot and residence in Friendship, on Depot St., bounded by C. E. Sweatt & Highway 20, which includes a little dwelling known as the Hall dwelling and where Will Hall lived several years. Also the Simpson residence on College Street, Friendship, TN, bounded by C. H. Scales & R. T. Privett

Executor: C. E. Sweatt of Friendship, TN

Witnesses: W. York & Ham Park

SHIVERS, M. A., of Alamo, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 3 Jan 1938, Probated 29 Dec 1942

Mentions: S. L. Shivers, Eunice Vester Shivers, Asa Donald Shivers & Jessie Edwin Shivers

Executor: Edwin Shivers

No witnesses listed

SIMMONS, J. P., of Bells Depot, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 4 Oct 1892, Probated May Term, 1896
Minute Book F, Page 542

Sons: W. R. Simmons, J. D. Simmons

Daughter: Mary Norm

Other children: Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Dixon now deceased

Land bounded by, bought from or sold to: Jelks, Craiglow, D. J. Guthrie, John Pearson, W. W. Sherrod

Executor & guardian for daughter Mary Norma: Jno. T. Walston

Witnesses: S. A. Henderson, O. H. Wade


Will dated 23 Sep 1900, Codicil dated 14 Jul 1905, Probated 18 Dec 1905
Minute Book 8 Page __

Wife: S. E. Sims (appears to be deceased)

Sons: Lamertine Sims (Lamertine has children, not named), Henry K. Sims

Daughters: Virginia "Virgie" Birdsong (appears to be deceased when codicil was written), Margarett J. "Maggie" Thompson, Denelmon (or Devellmon or Develmore) Cox

Grandson: Hubert C. Sims, under age (son of Henry K. Sims), Fredie L. Sims (son of Henry K. Sims)

Granddaughter: Agness Cox to get a locket with the name of Fanie Sims engraved in it

Grandchildren: William Birdsong, Sidney Birdsong & Love Peterson (children of Virginia "Virgie" Birdsong)

Mentions: Mago Thompson, widow of a "Master Mason", to get a Mason pin (no relationship given)

Also mentions: Heirs of Wm. Tinders estate (no relationship given)

Land bought from: Dr. T. J. Hicks in 1872

Friend: Bro., Hon. W. I. McFarland

Executor: Son, Henry K. Sims

Witnesses: J. M. Raines, J. A. Medlin

SMOTHERS, JAMES NED, of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 20 Jun 1947, Probated 11 Dec 1950

Wife: Amarilla Buford Smothers

Daughters: Faye Elizabeth Smothers & Malinda Jane Smothers Reeves (wife of Clarence Reeves)

Executor: Wife, Amarilla Buford Smothers, or if she dies or is unable, daughter, Faye Elizabeth Smothers

Witnesses: J. B. Wans & Cox Mehr, Jr.


Will dated 18 Mar 1943, Codicil dated 23 Aug 1943, Probated 13 Jan 1949

Children: Wilbur Standley, Preston Standley, Ella Elizabeth Neal (wife of Robert M. Neal), Annie May Branch (wife of John Dixie Branch, she died between the time the will was written and when the codicil was written), Silas Standley, Nettie Rebecca Brandon (wife of Calvin Horace Brandon), and Velna Virginia Neal (wife of Robert Leslie Neal).

Son: Willie Standley, deceased

Grand children: Eugene, Eva Lee, James and Mary (children of son Willie Standley)

Grand daughter: Cenith Marguerite Brandon (daughter of Nettie Rebecca Brandon)

Executors: Son-in-law, Calvin Horace Brandon & Son-in-law, Robert Leslie Neal

Witnesses to will & codicil: Herbert A. Perry & Harry Knox

STEPHERSON, SARAH, of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 1921, Probated 12 Nov 1921
Minute Book 10 Page 522

Grandchildren, by son Eva Stepherson who is now dead (not named)

Nine Children: W. T. Stepherson, B. A. Stepherson, Letha Stepherson Watkins, Annie Stepherson, McKinley Stepherson, Joseph Stepherson, Owen Stepherson, Roy Stepherson, Nelson Stepherson

Executor: Son, W. T. Stepherson

Witnesses: Will Evans, Sydney Perminter & Garner Emison

SUDBURY, J. W., of Friendship, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 31 Dec 1937, Probated 21 Mar 1939

Age 75 yrs.

Youngest son: Roy Blair Sudbury

Three other children, not named

Executor: Son, Roy Blair Sudbury

Witnesses: A. A Lipford & Fred H. Walker

SUTTON, MARY I. (Mrs.), of Blytheville, AR

Will dated 27 Dec 1935, Filed 8 Feb 1937, Probated 3 Mar 1937
[This will extract is included, because it was filed in Crockett Co., TN]

Daughters: Winnie Moore (of El Paso, TX) & Beatrice Henderson (of Blytheville, AR)

Son: Brooks Sutton

Owns land on the Maury City and Chestnut Bluff Road, in the town of Maury City, TN, known as the Will Nunn place. Another tract southwest of Maury City, known as the old Reams place

Executor: Daughter, Beatrice Henderson

Witnesses: Marcus Evrard & Doyle Henderson

TAYLOR, A. W., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 21 Nov 1927, Probated 4 Jan 1933

Wife: Mary Taylor

Niece: Nina Belle Park

Nephews: Walter Taylor, Fritz Taylor, John Edgar Taylor (son of Edgar)

Brothers: James N. Taylor, Amos Taylor, Tom Taylor & Henry Taylor

Sister: Mrs. Jim Laster

Heirs of brother Henry Taylor: "To the heirs of my brother Henry Taylor one share - his heirs are namely: Nina Belle Park, Edgar Taylor's heirs, John and Lydia Mai, and Fritz Taylor."

Heirs of brother James N. Taylor: Mrs. Dollie Taylor, Walter Taylor, Viola Connell, Fannie Hart, Ellie Brown, Ida Agee & Maggie Cobb.

Heirs of brother Amos Taylor: Lou Finch, Little Amos Kail, Erma Avery, Lony Jetton & Bessie Freeman.

Heirs of Fritz Taylor: Mildred & Richard

Heirs of brother Tom Taylor: Earl Taylor, Hortence Becroft & Mattie Lawrence

Heirs of sister Mrs. Jim Laster: Mollie Pickle, Ella Lanier, Lula Eskew, Minnie Lambert, Lena Strange, Effie Williams & Clarence Laster.

Executor: Wife, Mary Taylor

Witnesses: C. E. Sweatt & C. E. Hays

TAYLOR, EMMA (Mrs.), of Bells, TN

Will dated 20 Sep 1941, Probated 15 Apr 1947

Mentions children, names not specified

Mentions: Clarence Taylor, Floyd Taylor, Leon Gregory, Laverne Crabtree & Clyde E. Taylor, R. L. Taylor (R. L. Taylor may be deceased, says his share is to buy him a nice monument), Algie and Joe Taylor

No executor named

Witnesses: E. M. Mehr & Geo. W. Walker


Will dated 2 Dec 1932, Probated 18 Jul 1940

Sons: William Henry Newton Taylor (deceased) and James Walter Taylor

Daughters: Mrs. Laura Alice Taylor (widow of D. H. Taylor, deceased), Susan Francis Hart (wife of Lee H. Hart), Margrett Lucinda Cobb (deceased, was the wife of Macon A. Cobb), Cora Bell Garrett (deceased, was the wife of George B. Garrett), Electy Viola Connell (wife of S. S. Connell), Ellie Brown (wife of J. T. Brown, Jr.) and Ida Pearl Agee (wife of R. C. Agee)

Grand daughter: Lillian Esther Peal (only child of William Henry Newton Taylor, deceased)

Grand son: L. B. Cobb (only child of Margrett Lucinda Cobb, deceased and Macon A. Cobb)

Grand children: Beatrice (married, but can't recall her husbands name), Cleo, George Taylor and Jack Garrett (the children of Cora Bell Garrett, deceased, and George B. Garrett)

Executor: Son, James Walter Taylor

Witnesses: Leslie Vernon & R. L. Thompson

TAYLOR, MARY, of Friendship, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 29 Dec 1934, Codicil dated 25 May 1936, Probated 6 Jan 1940

Husband: A. W. Taylor, deceased

Niece: Nina Bell Park

Great niece: Aleen Park

Sisters: Betty White, deceased and Lennie Davis, deceased

Heirs of sister, Betty White: J. A. White, Mary Thomas White, G. D. White and Eugene White

Heirs of sister, Lennie Davis: Finis Davis, Ed David, Bernard David, Myra Davis Taylor, Delia Davis Hughes and Waunelle Davis (Waunelle is a minor)

Executors: Nephews, J. A. White & Finis Davis, Codicil changes this to remove Finis Davis as executor

Witnesses to will & codicil: Herbert A. Perry & H. B. Nance


Will dated 6 Apr 1929, Probated 1 Sep 1934

Wife: Maggie Taylor

Mentions having 12 living children, not named

Home place, located in the 8th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, bounded by Jessie & Guy Taylor, Webb, Booth, Burnett, & Cleek.

Executrix: Wife, Maggie Taylor

Witnesses: R. F. Jerman & M. F. Gaba


Will dated 7 Oct 1936, Probated 24 May 1944

Wife: Not named, appears to be deceased (requested to be buried by her)

Children: Lonnie F. Taylor & Mrs. Bessie Watson

Executor: Young friend and neighbor, A. H. Hughes

Witnesses: E. G. McLean & J. B. Avery

THACKER, MARY C., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 19 Feb 1946, Probated 17 Dec 1946

Daughter: Mrs. Ernestine Thacker Bandy, of Memphis, TN

Son: Carney Thacker (Veteran of WWI)

Executor: Daughter, Mrs. Ernestine Thacker Bandy

Witnesses: Harriet W. Smith & J. Paschall Davis


Will dated 6 Apr 1945, Codicil dated 12 Jun 1945, Probated 6 Aug 1945

Sister: Mattie Booth, of Maury City, TN

Brothers: H. E. Thompson & Jim Thompson (Jim is deceased, was husband of Mrs. Dixie Thompson)

Nephews: Thompson Cates, Alymer Cates (Alymer is critically ill, and is the husband of Mary Perry Cates), Herbert Cates (Herbert is deceased, has heirs, not named) & Frank Thompson (son of H. E. Thompson)

Nieces: Gladys McMillian, Mary Warren & Clara Brandon (Clara is deceased, has heirs, not named), Virginia Boling Lewis, Madie Thompson, Virginia Pearce and Clare Thompson (Virginia & Clare are the daughters of H. E. Thompson

Mentions: Mrs. Byrd Rhoades of Bells, TN, Murna B. Thompson Mitchell, Bob Green and Allie Green (children of Oscar Green) (no relationship given to any of these people)

Trustees for home owned in Alamo, TN, to be used as a parsonage for the First Christian Church of Alamo: Claude Conley, Paul B. Conley and W. E. May

Owns 1/6 interest in hotel in Newbern, TN

Executors: H. E. Thompson & Frank Thompson

Witnesses to will and codicil: Cary Alsobrook & Glen Cates

TINKER, J. F., of the 1st Civil District, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 30 May 1925, Probated 18 Oct 1937

Wife: Sarah E. Tinker

Daughter: Annie Tinker Crowe

Other heirs: Mrs. M. A. Tinker Howell, Samuel H. Tinker, Stephen W. Tinker, Albert L. Tinker, Mrs. Grace Tinker Dodson, Frank Tinker, Horace Tinker, W. A. Tinker and Mrs. Fannie Tinker Bickerstaff.

Real estate owned includes the Tom Brooks farm

Executor: Sons, W. A. Tinker, Albert L. Tinker and Frank Tinker.

Witnesses: J. F. Tinker, H. L. Cates, S. L. Henderson & J. J. Crowe

TODD, J. H., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 24 Jul 1947, Codicil dated 2 Dec 1948, Probated 26 Dec 1950

Sons: Homer Todd, Seth Todd, Don Todd

Daughter: Mrs. Mada Simmons

Farm in 2nd Civil District, bounded by Raines, Scarborough & J. H. Buckner. Tract of land in the 2nd Civil District, bounded by McKibben, Young, J. H. Todd & McDearmon, purchased from Todd & Robbins. Another tract bounded by J. H. Todd home place, Woods and by Todd (formerly Robbins). Home place bounded by Scarborough & J. H. Todd (Geo. Todd & Robbins)

Executor: J. Frank Warmath, revoked by codicil, then appointed E. L. Boone

Witnesses to will: J. H. Keenan & Christine C. Luckey

Witnesses to codicil: Harold McLeary & Charles H. Bauhs


Will dated 31 Aug 1930, Probated Jan. 1931

Wife: Fannie Tucker

Son: Percy Tucker

Daughter: Mrs. Georgia Beaver

Home place located in 11th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, bounded by Powell, Darden, Lambert & Cook. Second tract of land located in the 11th Civil District, bounded by Lambert, Cogburn, Taylor & Stallings. Third tract of land located in the 11th Civil District, bounded by Powell, Bolling & Edwards. Fourth tract of land located in the 11th Civil District, bounded by Warren, Leggett, Powell & Swift. 3rd and 4th tracts bought from Ed Powell

Executor: Son, Percy Tucker

Witnesses: R. F. Jerman, S. H. Burnett & Mary P. Tratt


Will dated 15 Nov 1933, Probated 28 Sep 1934

Wife: Mary Vandyke

Son: J. C. Vandyke

Mentions having other children, not named

Executor: Son, J. C. Vandyke

Witnesses: Jno. H. Harris & J. B. Avery


Will dated 4 Mar 1940, Codicils dated 6 Nov 1944 & 1 Aug 1945, Probated 6 Dec 1946

Mentions: Mrs. Lillie Gaba, deceased, and her five children: Ariel Gaba (Mrs. Ariel Gaba Couch by 1 Aug 1945), William Gaba (in US armed forces by 1 Aug 1945 and across seas), Grayson Gaba, Wilton Gaba and James Edwin Gaba (children of Mrs. Lillie Gaba, deceased, and Martin Gaba), Martin Gaba ("present wife" as of 6 Nov 1944, Sue Gaba). Also mentions Bobbie & Caroline Gaba (children of Martin Gaba and wife, Sue Gaba)

Owns land in the 8th Civil District, bought from David & Will Dodson, bounded by Warren, Laman (formerly Vandyke) & Childress. Also land bounded by Crowley land (now Ball), Yearwood land (Thompson) & the Bolling place.

Executor: Jessie Taylor, uncle of the Gaba children (Jessie Taylor was deceased by 23 Sep 1944, so on that date, Mrs. E. W. Couch was appointed executor.

Witnesses to will: Mrs. Cary Alsobrook, Mrs. Grace L. Perry & Cary Alsobrook

Witnesses to appointment of Mrs. E. W. Couch as executor: Glen Cates, Mrs. Grace L. Perry & Carey Alsobrook

Witnesses to codicil dated 6 Nov 1944: R. F. Jerman, Mrs. Grace L. Perry & Glen Cates

Witnesses to codicil dated 1 Aug 1945: Carey Alsobrook, Mary Katherine Alsobrook & Glen Cates


Will dated 4 Dec 1943, Probated 30 Mar 1950

Generally Known as Frank Varner or J. Frank Varner

Wife: Lillie Loyd Varner

Brother: Edward M. Varner

Mother: Mrs. Lucy Drake

Mother's second husband: W. L. Drake

Mentions children of his mother's second husband, not named

Owns property containing a cemetery, lot size twelve by twelve, marked off and set aside by iron stakes or markers, located about 90 feet from the Northwest corner of the store house, which lot is located about 40 or 50 feet from Highway No. 54 on the East side of said highway. It is located on the old home place of mother, Mrs. Lucy Drake. Wants to be buried in the cemetery.

Executor: Wife, Lillie Loyd Varner

Witnesses: James B. Nance & Willie May Hopper

VAUGHN, H. L., of Maury City, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 15 Nov 1932, Probated 22 Sep 1936

Mentions: Mrs. Ida Goodwin, Mrs. Gladys Harper and R. V. Harper, Jannie Sue Randle, Willie Lou Wyse, Florence Emerson's 6 children (not named), W. D. Wyse, Hallie Vaughn, M. L. Buford, Bettie Vaughn, Will Privett and C. W. Revelle (no relationship given to any of these people)

Executor: W. D. Wyse

Witnesses: W. H. Carter, S. D. Booth & J. D. Riddick


Will dated 31 Oct 1934, Probated 29 Apr 1936

Wife: Anna Vestal

Children: Nelson Vestal and Eva Pipkins (two oldest children), Clarence Vestal, Dell Vestal Barnes, Jodie Vestal, Willard Vestal, and Mrs. Izora Griffin

Grand daughter: Helen Pigue

Owns farm in the 5th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, bounded by Mrs. Izora Griffin, Willard Vestal, Mitchell, Bryant and Duffey heirs. Also owns town house & lot in Bells, bounded by J. R. Kenner, North High St., Vine St. & Wilkerson.

Executors: Willard Vestal, Tom Barnes & my wife Anna Vestal

Witnesses: J. A. Church, D. W. Gochenour & W. F. Poston

WAINRIGHT, W. A., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 23 Jan 1942, Probated 7 May 1943

Wife: Sophia Wainright

Children: Hal Wainright, Frances Wainright & Mary Wainright

Owns home in Bells in Civil District 5, and farm in Civil District 6

Executor: Daughter, Frances Wainright

Witnesses: W. E. Fortune & H. L. Cates


Will dated 6 Oct 1922, Probated 23 Jan 1945

Wife: Mary F. Walker

Son: C. A. Walker

Daughter: Mrs. J. W. Hess

Owns a Drug Business, Geo. W. Walker & Son, in the town of Bells, TN

Executor: Son, C. A. Walker

Witnesses: C. M. Nunn & G. T. Lewis

WALKER, L. F., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 15 Jan 1945, Codicil dated 3 Jan 1946, Probated 27 Mar 1946

Age 71, lives on the corner of Austin Peay Memorial Highway & Highway No. 20, Crockett Co.

Brothers: George Walker of Pennsylvania, John R. Walker of Brownsville, TN

Sisters: Miss Minnie Walker & Miss Venia Walker, both of Brownsville, TN

Mentions: Miss Jennie Williams & Mrs. Emma Hawks and her daughter Mrs. Benton Midyett

Owns Barber Shop on Main St., Bells, TN

Executor: G. T. Lewis of Bells, TN, or if he dies, F. H. Harron, Bells, TN

Witnesses to will: H. N. Park & James P. Irion

Witnesses to codicil: Clayton East & T. W. Cates

WALTON, G. W., a widower

Will dated 2 Oct 1936, Probated 12 Nov 1942

Son: Chester Walton

Daughters: Lucy Braden and Dora Rowland

Grand daughter: Birdie Louise Walton (daughter of Chester Walton)

Executor: Son, Chester Walton

Witnesses: R. V. Lilley & W. C. Patton


Will dated 26 Nov 1941, Probated 22 May 1948

Sisters: Ernestine Warfield and Elizabeth (no last name given, passed away 26 Dec 1943)

Mentions: Anna C. Warfield, passed away 27 Dec 1944

Executor: Sister, Ernestine Warfield

No witnesses listed

WEEDEN, ANAKA, of Gadsden, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 10 Jul 1940, Probated 14 May 1941

Sons: Haywood Weeden & Albert Weeden

Daughter: Sara Massie

Executor: Son, Haywood Weeden

Witnesses: Frank W. Raines & A. L. Kincaid

WEDDLE, W. G., of Fruitvale, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 20 May 1912, Probated 5 Aug 1912
Minute Book 9, Page 412-413

Wife: Sallie Weddle

Brother: Jas. M. Weddle

Nieces: Etta Weddle, Claudie D. Weddle (both under the age of 21)

Land owned in the 10th civil district, deeded from J. D. Reddick on 28 Nov 1910

Executor: Brother in law, I. M. Thomas

Witnesses: R. N. Raines, J. F. Kincaid

WELCH, J. D., of Friendship, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 1 Dec 1941, Probated 28 Apr 1942

Mentions children, not named. Also mentions J. H. Welch, who may be a child

Executor: J. H. Welch

Witnesses: T. C. Haley & L. F. Dunagan


Will dated 5 Jul 1932, Probated 10 Aug 1940

Last name written as both Whitaker & Whittaker throughout will

Employed as a mail carrier since 1904

Wife: Mary Whitaker

Son: D. W. Whitaker, Jr.

Home place in Bells, formerly owned by Miller White. Part of home place formerly owned by John P. Sensing

Executor: Son, D. W. Whitaker, Jr.

Witnesses: J. S. Ball & J. B. Edwards


Will dated 16 Jun 1943, Probated 15 Jul 1948

Sisters: Ema Gregory & Mrs. Frankie Brogdon

No executor or witnesses listed

WHITE, G. T., of Friendship, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 2 Mar 1938, Probated 5 Nov 1938

Wife: Anna Gregory White

Sons: Eugene White, Durwood (or Derwood) White, James White (appears to be the husband of Gracie Vernon White)

Daughter: Mary Thomas White

Testamentary Trustee for daughter Mary Thomas White: Gracie Vernon White

Owns farm known as the Cochran farm, in 15th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, other land bounded by Sanders, Woodside, John Woods, R. G. Watson

Executor: Son, James White

Witnesses: J. B. Avery & Leslie Vernon

WILKERSON, J. M., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 2 Oct 1935, Probated 4 Mar 1943

Wife: Cora Wilkerson

Sons: J. B. Wilkerson (may be deceased, will states "to heirs of") & Elmer Wilkerson Sr.

Daughters: Mrs. Ada Cates and Mrs. Maie Spellings (both may be deceased, will states "to heirs of")

Grandsons: Elmer Wilkerson Jr. and Thomas Wilkerson (sons of Elmer Wilkerson Sr. and his deceased wife Jessie Darden Wilkerson)

Home farm located in the 6th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, purchased from Vandyke & Edwards, and owns several houses in Alamo, TN

Executrix: Wife, Cora Wilkerson

Witnesses: A. K. Montague, Walter Conley & Mrs. R. F. Boling

WILLIAMS, A. (ARNOLD), of the 1st Civil District, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 10 Sep 1945, Probated 1 May 1948

Wife: Olive Williams

Executor: Wife, Olive Williams

Witnesses: E. C. Smothers & Wrant Williams

WILLIAMS, ANN or ANNE (Miss), of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 19 Feb 1935, Probated 1 Mar 1940

Niece: Mrs. Olive Williams

Nephews: E. N. Richards, W. I. Richards and T. H. Williams

Has interest in the farm known as the Matthew Williams home place, located in the 1st Civil District, Crockett Co., TN

Executor: A. Williams, husband of my niece, Mrs. Olive Williams

Witness to her mark: E. E. Emison

Witnesses to will: A. M. Mcimallan & Otha Patterson


Will dated 17 Jul 1940, Probated 21 Jan 1941

Wife: Zora M. Williams

Mentions children, not named

Executor: Wife, Zora M. Williams

Witnesses: Cary Alsobrook & H. B. Nance

WILLIAMS, ELLEN, of Bells, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 21 Feb 1933, Probated 9 Nov 1939

Children: Alsie Taylor of Bells, TN, Josie Fitch of Murfresboro, IL, and Lucy Sherron

Owns house & lot in Bells, TN, 5th Civil District, bounded by Eliza Piggie

Witnesses: Rebecca Jennings & W. F. Butler


Will dated 5 Apr 1945, Probated 30 Jul 1948

Wife: Mamie Snow Bird Williams

Children: Jewell Williams Jones, Clifton Williams, Owen Williams, James Phillip Williams, Mamie Luke Williams Carter, Margaret Williams Klyce, Rebecca Williams, Lenora Williams Reams and Lacy Earl Williams.

Executors: Daughter, Jewell Williams Jones & Son, Clifton Williams

Witnesses: B. A. Evans & R. H. Norville

WILLIAMS, OLLIE, of Bells, Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 19 Nov 1945, Probated 9 Jul 1946

Wife: Irma Elnora Williams

Sons: Wesley Nathaniel Williams & Jere Harold Williams

Daughter: Alice Elizabeth Williams

Several parcels of land, deeded by S. L. Henderson, E. L. Reasons, N. V. Williams, J. C. Johnson, J. A. Bailey, E. C. Mullen and J. B. Boyd, Et. Als

Executors: Wife, Irma Elnora Williams & Son, Wesley Nathaniel Williams

Witnesses: E. C. Smothers & C. Rex Mehr, Jr.


Will dated 30 Oct 1929, Probated 29 Jun 1935

Sons: Benonie Williamson & J. A. Williamson

Daughters: Idora Williamson Dobbins, Maggie Pool & Minnie Putman

Testamentary trustee for Maggie Pool: J. D. Riddick

Owns land in the 10th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, once tract known as the Ozment place

Executor: Son, J. A. Williamson

Witnesses: R. F. Jerman & C. E. Jerman

WINSTON, JERRY, SR., of Alamo, Crockett Co., TN (lives on Main St.)

Will dated 9 Jan 1928, Probated 10 Feb 1928
Minute Book 11, Page __

Wife: Ada Winston

Sons: Jerry Winston Jr., Willie, Elisha & Dave

Daughter: Janie Mason

Step-son: James Allen

Owns farm in the 6th Civil District, Crockett Co.

Executors: Sons, Jerry Winston & Willie Winston

Witnesses: Harry S. Avery, T. J. Smith & W. A. Cook

WOODALL, J. H., of Crockett Co., TN

Will dated 12 May 1927, Probated 19 Sep 1930

Step daughter: Sallie Layton

Daughters: Minnie Henderson & Lillie Sudbury

Grandson: Otho Sudbury (son of Lillie Sudbury)

Guardian & trustee for step daughter, Sallie Layton: Otho Sudbury & his mother Lillie Sudbury

Farm, located in the 12th Civil District of Crockett Co., bounded by R, L. & Will Griffen & Clem Curtis

Executor: Otho Sudbury

Witnesses: W. H. Griffin & Azalee Taylor


Will dated 11 Mar 1924, Probated 30 Dec 1933

Wife: M. E. Yearwood

Son: A. D. Yearwood

Mentions having five children, none named other than son A. D.

Home place in Alamo, bounded by Worrell, Maxedon & Goodloe

Executor: Son, A. D. Yearwood

Witnesses: S. E. Johnson & J. H. Permenter


Will dated 5 Jan 1944, Probated 19 Sep 1948

Wife: Esther Quinley Yearwood

Daughter: Lillie Jewell Yearwood

Adopted Son: Warner Yearwood

Executor: Wife, Esther Quinley Yearwood

Witnesses: Harry Knox & J. B. Avery, Sr.

YOUNG, EMMA, of Halls, Lauderdale Co., TN

Will dated 22 Nov 1933, Probated 13 Oct 1937
[This will extract is included, because it was filed in Crockett Co., TN]

Father: John M. Parker

Niece: Mrs. Willie Vaughn

Land owned in the 13th Civil District, Crockett Co., TN, bounded by Chestnutt Bluff and Maury City Road, James Littles & A. J. Henderson, inherited from father, John M. Parker. Land contains a family graveyard.

Executor: Niece, Mrs. Willie Vaughn

Witnesses: Sam Siegal & J. L. Sloan

These wills were extracted, as written, and contributed by Natalie Huntley.

This transcription is provided for personal use only, and is not to be copied,
redistributed, or used for any commercial purposes.

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