Masonic Lodges of Crockett Co. TN

By E. Gerry Gilliland 2011

The information in this document does not reveal any alleged secrets of Masonry nor is it intended to do so. It is given as a source of locations of historic Masonic Lodges within the boundary of present day Crockett County.

Friendship Lodge #78 chartered 1831, located at Friendship in Dyer Co. and continued until 1847 when it ceased to work

Mason Grove Lodge #163 chartered 1849, located at Gasden in Madison Co. In 1873 Mason Grove lodge changed its name to Gasden Lodge #163 and continued until it ceased to exist in 1904

Quincy Lodge # 164 chartered Oct. 3,1849, located at Quincy Community in Gibson Co., moved its meeting place to Cageville and in 1868 changed its name to Cageville Lodge #164. Quoted from an old newspaper dated Jan. 15, 1938; "The meeting place in Cageville was probably on the 2nd floor of the Cageville Academy for a few months which was just north of the present M. E. Church south, which latter building was dedicated on June 8, 1869. Owning the meeting hall jointly with the I.O.O.F. over the new church, the lodge continued to meet there until that hall was relinquished to the church, and the lodge removed to the south side of the public square in about 1917 or 1918." On Nov. 11, 1872 C. A. Goodloe made motion at Grand Lodge in Nashville to change the name Cageville to Alamo Lodge #164 and was so approved.

Cherryville Lodge # 224 chartered 1852, located in Haywood Co. In 1875 Cherryville Lodge # 224 merged with Forked Deer Lodge # 306

Forked Deer Lodge # 306 chartered 1866, located at Bells Station in Haywood Co. and ceased to exist in 1892

Crockett Lodge #534 chartered 1889, located at Bells Depot in Crocket t Co.. and ceased to exist in 1935

Lanefield Lodge # 306 at Lanefield in Crockett Co. petitioned to organize but was not ratified or validated

New Friendship Lodge # 251 chartered 1914 located at Friendship, Crockett Co. and continued to work until 2003 when it merged its 25 members with Alamo Lodge #164

Crockett Mills Lodge # 713 chartered 1923 located at Crockett Mills, Crockett Co. and ceased to exist in 1937

Chestnut Bluff Lodge # 368 chartered 1867, located at Chestnut Bluff in Dyer Co., In 1891 Chestnut Bluff Lodge changed its name to Maury City Lodge and held its meeting there. Sometime later this lodge began meeting in the upper level of the Crockett High School, built in 1911, at Maury City. In 1985 Maury City Lodge #368 merged with Alamo Lodge #164

Alamo Lodge #164 chartered 1849, located at Alamo, Crockett Co. is still in operation this 2011. The Alamo Lodge has a long history. SUMMARY: Quincy Lodge #164 chartered 1849 became Cageville Lodge in 1868, then became Alamo Lodge #164 in 1872. Chestnut Bluff Lodge became Maury City Lodge in 1891, then Maury City Lodge merged with Alamo Lodge in 1985. New Friendship Lodge merged with Alamo in 2003.

The Alamo lodge building was built in 1947 at a cost of $12,500 and still stands. A document owned by Alamo Lodge dated 1947 shows property surrounding the building as follows: Alamo Pressing shop on the south owned by Mr. Badgett, Hopper Produce Co. on the northwest corner, the town square to the southwest, Church of Christ lot on the east, and an alley on the north. Alamo Lodge building underwent a facelift in 2009/10.

Compiled and contributed by E. Gerry Gilliland

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