Mays Chapel Cemetery
Crockett Co., TN

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Mays Chapel Cemetery is located on Mays Cemetery Road, amid the Tom Park farmlands, between Friendship and Tigrett.

The old Mays Chapel Methodist-Episcopal Church was located just beyond and adjacent to the cemetery on the right. The old church building was abandoned in the 20's or 30's when the church merged with Elizabeth Methodist Church. The property, which had been donated by James Green Mays, my great grandfather, and his brother, Rev. William Tapley Mays, reverted to the Park family, who owned the land at the time. The Park connection is Mary Lou Park, who married James Green Mays.

Bob's personal notes in parenthesis.

SMITH, Priscilla H.
wife of John R. Smith
b. 6 Sep 1830
d. 23 Jun 1899

SMITH, Hugh W.
b. 8 Jan 1873
d. 26 Jan 1904

PARK, William B.
b. 8 May 1856
d. 21 Nov 1924
(son of B.F. & Emily Park; brother of Mary L. Park Mays)

DAVIS, Conrad
baby son of T.F. (Taylor) & Bertha Davis
no dates

PARK, Emily B. (Brown)
b. 24 Dec 1822
d. March 1890
(mother of Mary L. Park Mays & William B. Park)

1849 - 1884
(brother of Mary L. Park Mays & William B. Park)
(this tombstone is a large marble obelisk with footstone engraved J.J.P.)

PARK, Lillian May
b. Aug 1888
d. Aug 1889

DEATON, William B.
b. 9 May 1876
d. 18 Aug 1893
aged 17 yrs, 3 mos, 9 days

YOUNG, Edwin Lee
son of Dr. J.C. & (his 1st wife), Irene (Davis) Young
d. 1892

(2nd) wife of Dr. J.C. Young
b. 7 Jan 1870
d. 30 Jul 1896

b. 14 Aug 1857
d. 20 May 1894
(husb of Lillian; son of W.J. & America Davis)

b. 12 Jul 1825
d. 22 Sep 1893
(bro of Adolphas S.; father of John Etta Davis Young; husb of America Davis)

DAVIS, Alvin P.
b. 6 Oct 1862
d. 3 Oct 1880
(son of W.J. Davis; husb of Helen Davis)

YOUNG, John Etta
wife of S. Young
b. 22 Sep 1855
d. 3 Oct 1884
(large tree growing out of the center of he grave; iron decorative frame encircles the grave)

DAVIS, Adolphas S.
d. 10 Sep 1880
(husb of Ada Davis; headstone flat on the ground, could not be placed upright; this is a twin grave; it is possible that the death year dates of Adolphas and Ada were both 1880 OR 1889, and that they died two days apart and were buried together, but I recorded hers as 1889 and his as 1880 for some reason, which I cannot now recall.)

d. 12 Sep 1889
(wife of Adolphas S. Davis. See notes on husband)

DAVIS, Eunice B.
dau of R.J. & Lillian Davis
b. 10 May 1886
d. 6 Sep 1887

YOUNG, Sarah F.
wife of Daniel Young
b. 25 Aug 1865
d. 20 Oct 1883

YOUNG, Wana J. (probably Warner)
husb of Minnie Young; son of Sam Young
b. 30 Aug 1877
d. 22 Dec 1902

MAYS, Tapley
died 17 Aug 1877
aged 77 yrs, 4 mos, 3 days
(husb of Prudence Echols Mays. He migrated to Dyer Co. TN from Pittsylvania Co. VA by way of Todd Co. KY, where he stayed for one year before proceeding to TN. His Echols in-laws came directly to Dyer Co from VA. He was born in Pittsylvania Co., VA; date of birth would be 14 Apr 1800; this is the second oldest grave in the cemetery. The cemetery was apparently founded for the interment of his granddaughter, Nevada M. Mays, the daughter of William Tapley Mays and Susan Brewer Curtis Mays, who died in 1872.)

MAYS, Nevada M.
dau of W.T. & S.B. Mays (William Tapley & Susan Brewer Curtis Mays)
b. 11 Feb 1869
d. 16 Sep 1872
Footstone reads NMM
This is the oldest grave in the cemetery. Apparently the cemetery was founded when she was interred there.

CURTIS, James M.
b. Sep 1827
d. 20 Aug 1883
(bro of Susan B. Curtis Mays; son of E.B. & Bethenia H. Curtis)

MAYS, Susan B. (Brewer) (Curtis)
(1st) wife of W.T. Mays (William Tapley Mays)
b. 19 Feb 1830
d. 23 Jan 1893
(William Tapley Mays is buried beside his third wife, Ida Kincannon in the McLemoresville City Cemetery, Carroll Co., TN)

MAYS, Fannie R. Reed
(2nd) wife of W. T. Mays (William Tapley Mays)
b. 30 Dec 1863
d. 18 Jul 1894
(family lore is that she was a young woman who lived with William & Susan Mays at the time of Susan's death. Apparently they married soon after her death, since she herself died only 17 months later. The cause of her death was not determined. Footstone reads FRRM)

(2nd) wife of W.T. Slayton
(b. 3 Sep 1865)
d. 30 Oct 1899, aged 34 yrs, 1 mo, 27 days
(the same gravestone is shared with a six-month old son, Hassel L. Slayton)

SLAYTON, Hassel L.
son of W.T. & Annie Slayton
d. 26 May 1899, aged 6 months
(shares gravestone with mother, Annie Slayton)

b. 11 Dec 1821
d. 4 Aug 1884
Footstone reads "James"
(This is possibly the husband of Sally Mays, daughter of Tapley & Prudence Echols Mays; according to Robbie Craig, Sally married a Slayton. Sally Mays was born 16 Mar 1835 in Pittsylvania Co VA, and died 22 Apr 1918 in Cardwell, MO, and is buried in the Cockrum Cemetery there.)

SLAYTON, Etta A. (Davis)
wife of W. T. Slayton
(b. 28 Feb 1868)
d. 9 Dec 1891, aged 23 yrs, 9 mos, 11 days)

son of R.W. & M. Slayton
d. 19 Sep 1902, aged 5 yrs, 1 mo, 14 days

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