Four Points Cemetery
Crockett Co., TN

Go north from Alamo on Cherry/Emerson Rd. It's Cherry Street until the road gets out of the Alamo City Limits, then it becomes Emerson. Both names are on the street sign. The cemetery site is on the right side of the road, just past Rebecca Lane, about 1/5 mile from the Health Dept.

When this cemetery was copied, in Jan., 1980, by Mrs. Annie Laurie James and Mrs. Bessie Tatum, there were bits of stones in the cotton field and there may be some stones in the dirt and trees pushed up at the end of the field. This cemetery was evidently destroyed maybe in the spring of 1979.

Only one stone could be "fitted together"

It is believed that Sidney Cates may have been buried here, as well as other Cates people. Some Raiford people may have also been buried here. A piece of stone had....White Co., Memphis, on it.

Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date
Conley Lula 17 May 1861 26 May 1867

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