W. L. Williamson's Will

March 26th, 1847.

I W. L. Williamson of the County of Carroll and State of Tennessee after giving my Soul to God who gave it me do hereby give after all the Just debts are paid I do hereby give and bequeath my beloved wife Elizabeth Williamson all the remainder of my Estate during her lifetime for the support and benefit of my Children and herself, reserving for my daughter Jane a sideboard press & looking glass and also seventeen Silver Spoons one silver ladle as left to me by the mother of that daughter who was my lawful wife and daughter of Jane and Osborn Jeffreys who resided in Carroll County and State of Tennessee. I do appoint Saml. E. Williamson & Leroy H. Williamson to trabsact every lawful thing as above written as Executors to my last will and Testament giving under my hand and seal this 26th day of March Eighteen hundred and thirty seven.

W. L. Williamson

Jno. N. Williamson, Saml. E. Williamson
Leroy H. Williamson

State of Tennessee)
Carroll County) May Term 1847

This day the last will and Testament of W. L. Williamson, Decd. was produced into open Court and duly proven by the oathes of John N. Saml. E. and Leroy H. Williamsons all subscribing witness thare to and ordered by the court to be registered.

Y. W. Allen Clk.