Westport, Carroll County, Tennessee

Westport came into existence after the civil war and the Northwestern Railroad came through with the help of the Chattanooga Tennessee Railroad. In 1872 the Chattanooga line bought out the Northwestern and became the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louisi Railway known as the N.C. and St. L. In the 1890's the N.C. and St. L. bought two more lines, one to Paducah and one to Jackson and Memphis. This was very helpful in forming many railroad towns such as Westport.
The land for the railroad was sold by John and W.P. Evans for one dollar. Some businesses came from Maple Creek to be near the railroad. Since everything was moved westward from Maple Creek, it became known as "Westport."
The first post office was established in 1892 and the mail was delivered on horseback. The mail was brought in by rail. The first physician moved from Maple Creek in 1892 and the first school was built about that time.
April 26, 1896 the Westport Missionary Baptist Church was organized. The Church of Christ was organized January 20, 1925.
Many of the inhabitants worked for the railroad keeping the tracks in shape. Most were very prosperous. Many answered the call to serve their country during World War II and the Korean War. In 1940, Westport had a disastrous fire as reported by the Tennessee Republican Feb. 2, 1940. Six building were destroyed with large losses and telephone lines were cut off. The fire was discovered about 8:00 but freezing temperatures hampered volunteer firemen in their efforts to keep the fire from spreading to other buildings. The town had no fire fighting equipment. A defective stove flu in Norwood Grocery is thought to have been the origin. The postoffice was saved. One last phone call to ask for the help of the Huntingdon Fire Department was made before the phones went dead. The Huntingdon Fire Dept. did not respond as there was no water to fight the fire with. This was a devastating blow to a thriving community.
There is one store left with a postoffice and two churches.

Hand coded by Jane N Powell notes submitted by Jere R Cox Jr.

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