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Hollow Rock was named for the huge hollow rock that lies in a park north of the railroad yard.  Sandy Bridge was established about 1830 with a post office and a log inn on the Memphis to Bristol Stage Road at the intersection of the Paris Road near the Prospect Baptist Church.  Zephaniah Harris was inn keeper and postmaster.  At this time, the bridge across the Sandy River was used by settlers coming from Reynoldsburg ferry.
In 1867, the Nashville and Northwestern Railroad was completed and a station and telegraph office was built.  The railroad station was built on land owned by Andrew and Lucinda McMakins.  N.B. Lipe bought the first lot.  On February 3, 1869 the town was Chartered.  Rufe McClain was the first depot agent.  A newspaper called The Record ran for some time.
Lankford, Amanda and Jim Lankford came to the 9th district about the time of the Civil War.  Their son Will started a country store about 1890.  From Will's store, a peddling wagon drawn by two mules and loaded with merchandise traveled to the neighbors and surrounding communities.  Each fourth of July, a picnic was held on the hill above the store.  On Saturday afternoons a string band made up of local boys played for their neighbors.   A fire destroyed most of the business district on July 28, 1893.  Few had insurance and it was a great loss for Hollow Rock.   On May 5, 1899 a post office was established and Walter C. Pugh was postmaster. 
In 1907 a bank was organized and a building erected in 1910.  The Knights of Pythias Lodge met across from the bank.
About 1912 Lankford School was built.  Boyd's, Chapel hill and Cannon Schools were consolidated and a two year school was established.  A singing school was organized by Cas Presson.  A cotton gin, stave mill and sawmill operated for a number of years.  Oxen were used to pull the bolts from the bottoms.
Two state highways run through Hollow rock, 114 and 70.

From notes submitted by Jere R Cox 

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