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Clarksburg (the Burg), beginning about 1850 on the lands of Peter Woodst was incorporated as a city with Henry Hall first mayor and Andy Stewart as marshall.  The post office was established July 8, 1847, John K. Clark postmaster, thus the name Clarksburg.  There were five saloons and four doctors.  The street lights were oil lamps tended by the town marshall.  Kelly Clark was the first merchant.  The merchandise came from Brodie's Landing on the Tennessee River until the railroad came through Yuma.  It was then hauled by wagon to Clarksburg. 
In 1850 the population was 100, 3 general stores, a grist mill and cotton gin.  Homer Pritchard and Milton Joyner bought 500 rabbits for 3 cents and sold them to Aunt Ellen (six feet four inches tall) from Huntingdon.  She came after her rabbits in a four horse wagon. 
Dr.Dudley S. Laws and Dr. H. D. McGill made their mark on Clarksburg.  Dr. Laws was especially knowledgeable in mathematics and languages.  He was trustee of Clarksburg Male and Female Academy.  Edith Laws Pendegrass was the first baby delivered. 
Since the city gave up its charter so long ago, it had to be reincorporated in 1968.  It now has street lights, a city water system and two churches, a four year high and new post office. 

from  notes submitted by Jere R Cox 

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