Carroll County Tennessee Queries
June - August 1997

Carroll County Tennesee Queries

June - August 1997

Betty Street Sun Aug 31 12:57:06 1997
Wish to share & receive data on family of Littleberry Williamson WHITE, b. 1800, Franklin Co, NC, d. 1859, Wilson Co, TN; he is said to be son of Jack WHITE and Nancy HOLLOWAY. He md. Martha John "Patsy" Brown, dau of Jeremiah BROWN and Martha HILL. Children: Martha Ann, b. 1824, Lebanon, TN; md. Joseph T. MANSON John Clinton "Jack", b. 1826, Carroll Co., TN; d.1899, McLennan Co., TX. md. (1) Harriet J. WORTHAM; 3 ch: Henry Arthur; William Wortham; Matthew Weaver (2) Fountainella Pitts FERRELL: 4 ch: Sarah Shelby; Burtis Ferrell Roberta; Littleberry; Patsy Jane Henry Shelby, b. 1828, TN; d. 1896, Rosebud, TX; md. Sallie Taylor FERRELL Green Hill, b. 1831, TN; md. Fannie A. PEYTON Mary Amanda "Mollie", b. 1833, TN; md. Lucillius S. FERRELL Edward Jordan, b. 1837, TN; md. Lura JONES Jeremiah BROWN, b. 22 Apr. 1765; md. 22 Jan 1790, Franklin Co.NC; md. Martha HILL, b. 2 Oct. 1769, Bute Co., NC; d. 4 Apr 1863, Agarican, TN. She was a dau of Major Green HILL andhis wife Nancy THOMAS. Ch. Nanny Thos., b. 1790 Henry Hill, b. 1793; md. Nancy Hannah, b. 1795 Martha John "Patsy", b. 1799, NC; md. Littlebery W. White Green Hill, b. 1801 Jordan, b. 1804; md. Sarah NOBLITT

Lynda Smith Wed Aug 27 10:48:27 1997
On the 1880 census for Carroll County, there is a F. and M.P. MCMACKINS. I am hoping this stands for Frank and Martha. Does anyone have more information on this census? Also, Andrew MCMACKINS was on the 1840 census with wife and children. Does anyone have who his wife and children were and ages if possible. I sure appreciate the help. Lynda Smith

Donald White Wed Aug 27 11:55:41 1997
Robert Bird (b.1801) appears on the 1850 Carroll County census with no spouse and these children: John P.(27),Mary (15),William(14,Thomas(14),Charity(12),Margaret(3). Believe he may be on 1860 Dade County Census, then disappears. Any help appreciated.

Rel Wed Aug 27 21:18:43 1997
SEYMOUR SEMORE SEMOUR SEYMORE families of Henderson Co. , TN , from Halifax Co., VA may have spent time had relatives in Grainger Co., TN. Male given names included George, William , Frank Female given names included Melvy and Sinai.

Jean Reed Wed Aug 20 23:13:09 1997
CREWS< FORREST< BELL Am interested in any info on these surnames. Thanks

Joe Butler Mon Aug 18 16:43:36 1997
I am looking for any information about what used to be "Butler Grocery" in Buena Vista, TN. Information such as when it was opened? When was it closed? Were the Butlers the original owners? If not who was the orignal owners? I will appreciate any and all replies.

Lynda Smith Wed Aug 20 11:27:20 1997
Search for the Frank McMackin family. Lyda Florence was born in Carroll County in 1881. She had two sisters, one being Camilee who married a Roberts. The other sister, Jettie married a Butler. Jettie had a daughter named Jewell. Jettie and her husband got divorced and the father put the daughter Jewell in Catholic Convent. Jettie died in 1938 and is buried in the Hollywood? Cemetery. A Mrs. Jack Smith, daughter of Camilee signed the death certificate as informant. I do not find Frank McMackins or his three daughters on the census around 1880. Frank married Martha Eldner? spelling may not be correct. Would appreciate any information.

Diane Torrez Sun Aug 17 14:01:43 1997
I am looking for informaton on PERRY J. DAVIS born 1820 he married SARAH C. LUCUS 6-24-1841 in Carroll Co. Tenn. I would like to know about thier children, I only have one listed MATILDA DAVIS. PERRY DAVIS' father was BENJAMIN DAVIS. I have been told that Benjamin Davis was Jefferson Davis' brother. Any information on this line would be great.

Dscott Mon Aug 11 19:09:28 1997
SCOTT/WEBB families - If you have any info. on either surname from the Carroll Co. area please e-mail me at

Randy Allen Smith Tue Aug 12 13:24:51 1997
My father James Rual Smith was born in Yuma, TN 25 Sept 1929 his father's name was Felix Allen Smith (birthdate and place unknown), I would like to find out how I should start my search for preceding generations, I know that my grandmother was named Vade Victory (birthdate and place unknown, no known middle name) and she had at least 3 other sons prior to my father, one by a previous husband named Traywick (no known first name.) My problem is that everyone is now passed on and there were no family bibles and I am the youngest of my father's children. I would appreciate an idea of just where to find my great-grandparents (names, birthdates and the like) any help would be most generous. Sincerely, Randy Allen Smith (birthplace Pontiac, MI 7/15/56), mother's maiden name Dorothy Mae Gray of Jonesboro, AR Craighead County. P.S. I do remeber my father naming Ike Smith and Alec Victory as ancestors.

Sue Brewer Fri Aug 8 14:53:45 1997
I am researching the ancestors of Elisha FLY and William CAPPS. I am especially looking for information on Henry Washington CAPPS b. 1838 and his wife Nancy N. GROOMS. I would also like to know who their children are and who they married. I know they had a son named Henry Washington Capps. Will share information that I have. Thanks in advance.

Joe Freeland Thu Aug 7 21:04:04 1997
Looking for any information on FREELANDS. Joseph W. FREELAND relocated from Orange Co. NC to Carroll Co. before 1845 and had 8 children there. (Ardulla Mary Della, Alphonzo, John N., George W., James Rankin, Angelina C., William G. and Seborn Joseph). I'm a newbie at this, so anything would be helpful.

H. L. Brewer Thu Aug 7 17:12:20 1997
Miles Weaver, b. 25 Dec. 1839, d. 9 July 1887, Carroll Co., TN, m. Mary emmaline Bryant, 14 Dec. 1865. 1870 Census located in Decatur, TN., 1880 Census located in Carroll Co., TN. Variations in name spellings - all are found in family line. Milas A., Miles A. Miles Alexander, Milas Alexander. Who is the father of Miles Weaver? Will share info.

Ray Glover Mon Aug 4 11:22:41 1997
GLOVER - Looking for the descendants and ancestors of Hiram J. GLOVER son of George Washington GLOVER. Hiram should have been born around 1824-1826. If you connect to these lines in any way please contact me. So far they have been very difficult to trace. Hiram believed to have married first P. A. Matheny, second Lydda/Lidda/Lydia STAFFORD.

Lillie Metheny Cotham Fri Aug 1 04:54:18 1997
I am researching William Matheny, b. about 1744; Peter Matheny, b. about 1787; David C. Matheny, b. about 1829. Would like to exchange information with anyone who is working on these lines.

Peggy Hamlett Fri Aug 1 22:37:01 1997
I am searching for information about my MONTGOMERY family. FRANCIS MARION MONTGOMERY was born in Carroll co. 30 June 1830. His parents were supposed to be JONATHIN and MARY UMSTEAD. They had 13 children. Jonathin was born in SC according to family bible. Some family stayed there, others moved to TX. Francis Marion Montgomery married JERUSIA ADELINE ROBERSON, also from TN. I will gladly share information. Thank you.

Robert J. Lee Fri Jul 25 07:36:34 1997
LEE, ROBERT LOGAN - of McKenzie (deceased 1961), Son of Granville Lee and Joanie Sullivan. Married to Luna Wallace. Need information about his ancestors, or brother - Jack Lee.

Marrison Sun Jul 27 18:14:47 1997
Darnall To Pam Lancaster. William and Caroline Darnall of Carroll Co. are buried at Liberty All in Huntingdon. His parents are Benjamin Darnall and Mary Cannon. Benjamin's father is Nicholas Darnall of Henry Co. Your E-mail does not work for aeneas.

Cathie Diggs Sun Jul 27 17:02:57 1997
DIGGS, OWNBY. Seeking information re: James Franklin DIGGS,b. 1878, and Lela Virgie OWNBY, b. 1883. They were married around 1900. Remember them talking about Paris, McKenzie and Huntingdon. Other family members were Robert McCoy DIGGS, Lizzie DIGGS, Ellen HAYNES, Alice HAYNES MARTIN, Hattie HAYNES TAYLOR, Beulah OWNBY HILLIARD, Abner OWNBY, George OWNBY, Gomer OWNBY, Robert PERRY and Thomas PERRY. Would appreciate any information. Thanks, Cathie.

Daniel M. Devault Sun Jul 27 07:43:26 1997
Need information on Winnie Reed born Apr 1847 according to the 1900 census. She was in the household of Bennett Holland in 1870 census of Benton Co., TN age 23, born Ill. On 25 Oct 1873 Winnie married Edward Watson in Carroll Co. Their daughter Eliza Jane was born 4 Aug 1874 in Carroll Co and in 1880 census of Benton Co. Winnie and Jane ages 31 and 5, were in the household of Julius Cole. Eliza Jane married Levi Marcus Williams in Carroll Co. on 24 Jan 1891. In 1900 Carroll Co. census Winnie was in household of Mark and Jane Williams. I need parents and grand-parents of Edward Watson and Winnie Reed. I would appreciate any help anyone could give. Thanks!

M. June Harris Sat Jul 26 23:18:50 1997
Looking for the ancestors/descendants of Isham "George" BENNETT (abt 1802) and his wife, Nancy (abt 1802). Isham and his family are in Carroll Co TN in 1850. They had nine known children: (1) William L. (abt 1828) m. Matilda Scott; (2) Adeline (abt 1830) m. W. A. Crider; (3) Frances (abt 1832); (4) Benjamin (abt 1834); (5) Eliza (abt 1838); (6) Emaline (abt 1840) m. James Colvett; (7) Nancy A. (abt 1843); (8) Cornelius "Neal" (1845-1912); (9) Jincy A. (abt 1846). Cornelius "Neal" BENNETT married (a) Ann __(abt 1842-bef 1879) and (b) Mary Ann Susten (abt 1850-bef 1910). Neal had two children by his first wife: (1) Mary M. (1864) m. William F. Hollowell and (2) Nancy Ann "Nan" (1869-1931) m. James Henry HAYNES. After marriage, Neal moved to Benton Co TN. I would very much like to exchange information on the BENNETT family in any of the various lines. Thanks!

M. June Harris Sat Jul 26 00:53:56 1997
Am looking for the ancestors/descendants of James "Jimmy" WEBB (abt 1810) and Frances HICKS (abt 1815). Jimmy and Frances had eight known children: (1) Henry (1836-1917) m. (a) Ann E. HAYNES (b) Margarette Jones (c) Susan Ann Hilliard; (2) Sarah Jane "Sallie" (abt 1840-bef 1878) m. George Washington HAYNES; (3) Frances Lanny (abt 1841); (4) Lucinda Jane (abt 1844); (5) William (abt 1847); (6) John (abt 1848); (7) Martha A. (1853-1932) m. Griffin HAYNES; (8) Joseph (abt 1861). The WEBB family moved between Benton, Carroll, and Decatur Counties. Any information on any of these lines would be greatly appreciated and I'd be happy to share my information.

M. June Harris Sat Jul 26 00:40:03 1997
Am looking for the descendants/ancestors of Hiram HAYNES (abt 1808-bef 1900) and his wife, Jane (abt 1818-bef 1900). They had the following seven known children: (1) George Washington (abt 1840-1920) m. (a) Sarah Jane "Sallie" WEBB (b) Eliza "Lizzie" Kelley (c) Martha (Bankston) Young; (2) Ann E. (abt 1842-bef 1878) m. Henry WEBB; (3) Mark E. (abt 1843); (4) Sarah E. (abt 1846); (5) Mangram A. (abt 1848); (5) William A. "Bill" (1854) m. (a) E. S. Gibson (b) Lela; (7) David (abt 1856). Hiram HAYNES may have have been the son of Samuel Haynes (abt 1778). Hiram's brothers may have been Eaton (abt 1799) and Nelson (abt 1810). Eaton HAYNES m. Anna Gibson and may have had sons George W.(1822-1893), a sheriff of Decatur Co. and William (abt 1822) m. Christian Norden. The HAYNES families moved between Benton, Decatur, and Carroll Counties. Information on any of these lines would be greatly appreciated and I would be happy to share my information.

Paulette Haynes Fri Jul 25 22:55:43 1997
Does anyone have a list of those buried in New Hope Cemetery, near Ripley (Carroll County) TN? I'd like to know what people by the surname HAYNES are buried there.

Robert J. Lee Fri Jul 25 07:36:34 1997
LEE, ROBERT LOGAN - of McKenzie (deceased 1961), Son of Granville Lee and Joanie Sullivan. Married to Luna Wallace. Need information about his ancestors, or brother - Jack Lee.

Linda Sat Jul 26 08:03:21 1997 Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 09:01:03 -0400 (EDT)
I am seeking info on the following: John Horn b ca 1782, d 1854; Hannah Hays d 1852; William R. Wyatt m 1829 d bef 1860; Angeline Walker b 1848 m Alexander Munroe Wyatt 1876. All these events occurred in Carroll Co.

Kerry Pritchard Mon Jul 7 20:35:41 1997
I am looking for the Barnett McADOO family, born circa 1795 in Tenn. He was married to Minerva Ellen HARPER. He father was Benjamin HARPER. His son Levi P. McADOO was my ggg grandfather. If anyone has info. on this early Tenn. family, please contact me. Thank you.

A WilsonDate: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 14:40:01 -0400 (EDT)
WILSON, and ROACH Families - My Gfather, Joseph L. WILSON B: 1861 in MacKenzie, Carroll County, TN. His Father was Franklin Wilson, Mother Elizabeth ROACH. Their children were: Mary, Joe, Charles Robert, Samuel, and Narcissa.
Joseph married Annie Blackburn and moved to Lonoke County Arkansas with the J D Blackburn family. Annie and their infant son died in 1888 in Lonoke County. I am told that Joseph was educated at a College in Carroll county. (Probably Bethel College because his Uncle John N Roach was the first president of that school) Joe taught pinmanship in Texas until he returned to marry Annie. After Annie died he moved on to Saline County, Arkansas and established the small postoffice and settlement called Grape. I have some books from Carroll county up to 1860 and have found some of these people listed. What I don't know is; Franklin must have died about 1859 but have not found anything about him or Elizabeth after 1870. 1870 Census shows Elizabeth as head of household. Can you help me or steer me to some of these families? A Wilson

Dougherty Mon Jul 07 04:44:32 1997 Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 05:43:16 -0400 (EDT)I am very interested in finding out any information on R.E.C. Dougherty. I know that he founded Carroll Co. - and that he moved to Arkansas in the late 1840s where my great-great grandfather, Robert Merton Dougherty was born. In fact, I can pretty much tell you a lot about him professionally after he moved to Tennessee to teach school in Hickman Co., but have no clue as to who his parents were, or much other personal data. I would appreciate anything you could tell me. Thanks.

Rebecca Webb Knox Wed Jul 9 19:00:01 1997
WEBB,George & Eady found in 1860 living in Carroll Co., TN. Their son, Miles Jackson, moved to AR by 1870. Would like info on remaining children; Sarah, John, Thopholus, David, William, Marcus, and Jane. All listed on 1860 census in same household.

M. June Harris Sat Jul 12 13:42:38 1997 Date: Sat, 12 Jul 97 18:40:52 UT
Looking for the ancestors/descendants of Robert BRADFORD (abt 1798-1850) and Elizabeth (abt 1812). Robert and his family appear in Henderson Co TN in 1840 and his family appears in Carroll Co TN in 1850 and following. Robert and Elizabeth had ten children: (1) George Milton (abt 1818-bef 1880) m. Mehala Leonard; (2) James Franklin (abt 1819-1859) m. Elizabeth "Betsy" McCLAIN or HAMMETT (3) daughter (abt 1823); (4) Samuel D. (abt 1826) never married but had children by (a) Elizabeth ? and (b) Sarah Clark; (5) William A. (abt 1826-1907) m. (a) Sarah Duke and (b) Margaret Hicks; (6) Mary Elizabeth (1828-1889) m. Jasper Newton Cannon; (7) Hugh (abt 1828) m. Eveline F. Hansel; (8) Robert Y. (1829-abt 1863) m. Mary Hall; (9) Felix (abt 1836); (10) Elizabeth J. (abt 1838) m. William Parish. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated and I would happily share my information on the descendants of Robert and Elizabeth BRADFORD.

Lou Bridges Sun Jul 6 21:21:32 1997
CROCKETT--- David CROCKETT lived in Carroll Co. Tn. Sept. 1822. I am looking for his brother John CROCKETT who married Sarah tHOMAS. Where did they move? Who were their children? Lou (

Cindi Meyer Wed Jul 2 21:16:51 1997
Looking for ESKEW/ESCUE in Carroll county! 1836 tax list names William Eskew and I am hoping he is related to my William Eskew b 1802-1813 TN married Mary (?) in IL c. 1839. Children's names: Elizabeth 1840, Catherine 1844, John 1845, Margaret 1846, Nancy 1850, Thomas 1854, Calvin 1856, Sarah Ellen (my ancestor) 1860. Anything look remotely familiar? Let's Swap!

William Harrison Sat Jul 5 07:42:55 1997
CLIFTON JOHNSON, b1879, d1911 Trezeva, CARROLL Co married MARY HANNA SMITH. Looking for any information as to who their parents were, etc..

William Harrison Sat Jul 5 08:04:24 1997
JOHN B HARRISON b 12/25/1848, d 07/25/1900 was married to PARLEE WOMBLE b 09/12/1848, d 10/24/1901 both are buried in Hillis Cementery, Greenfield, Tn. JOHN ROCHELL was married to MARY HANNA SMITH and two of their childern were: BYRON G. and ADRIAN. Looking for any information as to any of their parents.

Sharon Milner Sun Jun 29 18:18:06 1997
WILLIAMS/MILLS/EDWARDS/ I am searching for ancestors of ROWLAND WILLIAMS b. ca. 1790/1800 in N.C., d. 1836 in Carroll Co., TN. Married MARY MILLS b. ca. 1800/1810 in N.C., d. 1841 in Carroll Co., TN. 7 children: EPHRAIM W. WILLIAMS b. 17 Apr. 1832, m. WINDSOR J. EDWARDS b. 1830, d. ? (daughter of NATHANIEL EDWARDS) (No information on other 6 children.) Will share any information I have on other descendants.

Juanita C Johnson Mon Jun 30 17:35:25 1997
Looking for anyone who is researching Blount's, Gooch's and Rust's in Carroll Co. between 1810 and 1850! Especially interested in Isaac and Lovey (Jones) Blount. Happy to share what I know of the families!!!!

SHARON MILNER Sat Jun 28 19:37:05 1997
WILLIAMS/MILLS/EDWARDS/TOSH/I am searching for ancestors of ROWLAND WILLIAMS b. ca 1790/1800 in N.C. d. 1836 in Carroll Co.,TN. Married MARY MILLS b. ca 1800/1810 in N.C. d. 1841 in Carroll Co., TN. 7 children: EPHRAIM W. WILLIAMS b. 17 Apr. 1832, m. WINDSOR J. EDWARDS b. 1830 d. ? (daughter of NATHANIEL EDWARDS) (No information on other children.)