Photos from the Past
Carroll County, Tennessee

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1908 Hico School Photo

Pinson Family


Beulah Olive Pinson

Emma Jernigan Phillips (Mrs. Isaac A.)

More Pinson Family

Audene Joyner, Beatrice Handley & Lonnell Bunn

Jessie Massey & Ailene Carver

Barren Springs School

Crutchfield's & Pinson's

Wilburn Pinson & Doris Etta Fields

Ezra Crutchfield

William Eather & Leah Crutchfield

Zoe Crutchfield


A. Green King

Buena Vista School 1909

Green Deberry Cox

Hollow Rock

Hollow Rock High School Football Team

Jacob Holmes

Gardner Jackson Holmes

Hunley Family Portrait

Arsenal Picnic 1957/1960

Hafford Bryant, Jr.

Gordon Charles Bryant

Dr. Goroshan Bryant

Wylie Robert Bryant

Mary Virginia Bryant

Martha Ann Cox

Milam - Berry - Bunn Families

Leach School Group 1940

Leach Church Outing

Kelly Family

John Rosel

Adams Family

Rosel Family

John Ruff

Redman Renn Ruff

Gilbert School

Christmasville Schools

Wilders School

Amos Edmund Joyner & wife, Helen Crutchfield Joyner ca 1900

Elisha & Sarah Pinkerton Scates

The Pruitt Family in WWII

The Pruitt Family

Pinson Family

Barksdale Photo

Bannister Photos

Bannister Photos

Bannister Photos

Bannister Family Photo

Clyde & Zelma Bannister

Family of Zelma Bannister

A group photo of the Bannisters made in 1958

Crutchfield & Pinson Photos

1909 Fields School

2998th Engineers Float Bridge Co. 1954

Unknown Family

Company C 109/30 Armored Division


McTyreire Institute Football Team

Dr. James Gray Ruff ca 1870

The Morgan brothers and sisters

Postcard Collection of Doyle & Earlene Bryant

Alford Knott Family

Arvil Pinson Family

Tommy Joyner Family

House Sunday School class 1950

Williams Blacksmith Shop in Huntingdon, TN

The Howley Family

Melvin Robison

Leach Groundbreaking

Moore Family 1945

Edward Moore

William Keele's funeral

Alvin & Grandma Rosel

Nannie Moore Coble

Granade Bottling Company

Holladay Family

Orr Family

Thomas Hamilton

Ephsis Church 1900

Clara Dishman School ca 1915

Hall's School ca 1916

John A. Crutchfield

Luther Patterson 1917-1998

Home of Bob and Maggie Patterson in Leach

Lillie Ruth Patterson and Luther Tilman Patterson

John E. Patterson

James Robert "Bob" Patterson

Nancy Bea "Bea" Massey Patterson

James Franklin "Frank" Patterson

Unknown Rogers

James Franklin Rogers

Unknown Rogers Couple

Unknown Rogers Soldier

Basil Alexander Rogers Family 1900-1910

Southern Normal University

Unknown Man

Maybe a civil war picture of Crutchfield

Ezra J.W. Jungman

Mrs. Jinkir Ridley

October 25, 1892 1902 unknown

Miss Verdie Fox

W. Crutchfield

Little Bruce Eugene Crutchfield 1931

Martha Mary Abigail Townsend Stoker Smothers

William Andrew Cunningham b. 1905 d. 1997

Ira Almus Cunningham 1864 1941

Harriett Ida Robinson Nowell 1864 1900

Ethel Joyner 1883 1950

1941 crew helped build Milan Arsenal

Old Shiloh Church east of Milan Arsenal on Hwy. 104

L.Travis Cunningham 1869 1910

Loyal Edgar Cunningham 1876 1936

Ira Almus Cunningham 1864 1941

Thomas Benton Carter 1843

Valcor Grady Cunningham 1890 1963

William Andrew Cunningham 1864 1917

Algie Barger

William Andrew Cunningham

Thomas Kary Little and  Sarah Jane Cunningham

Lothia "Bud" Little and Vera Cunningham

Sons of Thomas Jefferson Cunningham & Mary Jane Carter 

Carroll County TN Fair Silver Cup

Elijah Reynolds

Mary E. Rogers

McLemoresville Brass Band - 1910

Southern Normal University Baseball Team, June 1904

Mctyeire team about 1906  McKenzie, TN

Rorie Homeplace  Tennessee Street    McKenzie,TN

Callie Burrow Bryant and her daughter's family

John Carden Family

Margaret McMackin and Henry W. Walker

The Cannon Family

Dr. Henry McCall Cox

Concord School between 1934-35

Some Unknown Woodard Family Photos

Dr. W.E. Curtis

Joseph & Sarah Whitehorn

Unknown Group Photo (possibly at Mud Creek Baptist Church)

Smith Family

Bannister Family

McCollum & Peeples Families

McTyiere Institute

Methodist Church

Hotel McKenzie

Cumberland Presbyterian & McKenzie Baptist Church

First McKenzie High School 1908

Bethel College 1904

Macedonia School

Mule Day in McKenzie, TN

Robert James "Bobby" Parker

Thera Reynolds Parker ca 1930

The Morgan Family

The Rosser Baseball Team about 1910

Old Robinson School ca 1912/1914 next to Hopewell Church

The Clay Pit "Dinky" engine & Train about 1925

Masonic Lodge in McKenzie, TN

New Hope School (Vale Community)

Cooper Family at Christmasville

C.B. Cooper Birthday

Minerva  Cooper, w/o Culpeper Cooper


Moses Wayne Cox

Moses Wayne Cox clan, known to be Black Dutsche

Elizabeth Stafford w/o Moses W.Cox

Southern Normal Univ. 1901

Will Nathan Stafford and wife Nancy Parsons

Wes Parsons, Pvt. M Co. 6th USA Cavalry

James Harvey Browning

Malissa Brooks Browning

Thomas B.Brooks

Governor Gordon Browning, 1889 1976

Gordon Browning Home,Huntingdon

Gordon Browning boyhood home

Gordon Browning birthplace

Governor's office brother Flavy Leal, cabinet member visits

Gordon Browning and wife Ida Leach

Sion & Mark Parish

Sion Parish Family

Sion Parish & Eliz Jane Montgomery

A. Foust, HollowRock

Dack and Sarah Rainey

Isaac Brown

Mary Ann McConnell Brown

Samuel Arthur Brown

Samuel Arthur Brown and Arkansas Cousins

Savanah Jane Salmon Brown

Children of Isaac and Mary Ann McConnell Brown

E.P. Currin & wife

Clarksburg, TN 1916

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