Carroll County TN Court Records





This indenture made 15th day of March 1830 between NEEDHAM GREEN and ELIZABETH GREEN, exec. of estate of AARON GREEN, dec.   The said NEEDHAM GREEN as attorney for ELIZABETH GREEN by a power of attorney signed and dated the 6 Feb. 1830 of County of Carroll in State of Tennessee and SHERWOOD ROWLAND of county of Montgomery in other part .  Witnessed that said NEEDHAM GREEN is attorney for sd. ELIZABETH GREEN for and in consideration of sum of $200 to him in hand paid by said SHERWOOD ROWLAND.  . . . etc.


Land in Montgomery Co. and in East side of Big Bear Creek Beginning at a Spanish oak in road leading from GEO. LEFLER'S  to GEO. KIRKER'S and running thence N 50 W 19 chains to a post oak.  Thence due W 17 ch. & 50 links to a stake by a bunch of sourwoods.  Thence S 36 W 2 chains & 50 links to a stake, thence N67 W 16 ch. & 50 links to a stake on the bank of the sd. creek.  Thence up the various courses of sd. creek to a maple standing on the bank of sd. creek.  Thence SIDES line S 80 E 12 chains to a Black oak, thence S 25 E 10 chains to a forked black oak, thence due E 2 ch. 50 links to another black oak.  Thence N 2 E 28 chains  to a stake by a dogwood, black gum and maple.  Thence S 89 E 5 ch. & 10 links to a stake by a pin & 3 b. oaks.   Thence S 25, 15 E 31 ch. & 51 links to a stake by a pine & 3 red oaks.   Thence S 65 E 25 ch. to a stake by some small white oaks, same course 5 chains to a stake on agreement line of GEO. LEFLER'S  with sd. line which runs nearly S 27 - 30 W 16 & a stake in a drain, thence due west to the beginning containing 189 a. more or less.


Wit:  LINDSEY F. CAGLE                                                           NEEDHAM GREEN ( Seal )

THOS.  ROWLAND                                                                    ELIZABETH GREEN ( Seal )


                                                                                                     Attorney, NEEDHAM GREEN