Index to Three Carroll Co Civil War Diaries and Memoirs

MO---The Mollie Neely Owen memoir of her trip and stay in Illinois. Her family, like many others from the area, were refugees in the last years of the war. Molly, Betty, John and Melissa are not usually indexed as they are on most pages. (transcript)

WY--Williamson Younger Diary. (1859-1876) published in the West Tennessee Historical Society Papers. Page numbers are from the WTHS Papers.

AH--Memoirs compiled by Anna Cole Hawkins from her Civil War diary. (transcript on line submitted by Joe Stout)

Acre, Mr. 30b MO
Agnes, Miss 4 AH
Allbright, Capitola 28b MO
Younger's Allen, (slave) 64 WY
Anderson, Uncle Jim 22b MO
Armistead, Brother 57 WY
Armistead, Mary Jane 56 WY
Baird, James of Gibson Co 63 WY
Baird, Jim's family 62 WY
Baird, Miles 63 WY
Baird, Wils Jr. 62 WY
Baker and Mann Nashville 69 WY
Baker, Mollie 5 AH
Baker, R 65 WY
Barker, Tom 1 AH
Beaver Creek Huntingdon 30b MO
Billew, Giles (Gibson Co) 62 WY
Billew, Jo 62 WY
Black Hawk Guard 3 AH
Blankenship family (S W Missouri) 28b MO
Blow, Mr. (Cedar Grove) 31b MO
Bohannon, Samuel of Texas 65 WY
Bomar, Wm S 65 WY
Bowden, Colonel 2,3,4 AH
Bowden, Miss Connie 3 AH
Bowden, Miss Lucy 3 AH
Boyd, J G of McLemoresville 77 WY
Boydsville 30b MO
Bradley, Mr. 27b MO
Bray, Capt. of Henderson Co 62 WY
Brown, John (abolitionist) 1 AH
Brownlow, Wm G 70,77 WY
Bryant, Colonel USA 59 WY
Buena Vista 16,10b MO
Bullington, Jack 67 WY
Bullington, Pack 67 WY
Burdet, Reuben 1 AH
Butler family 32b MO
Butler, Miss Angelina 10b MO
Butler, Miss 10b MO
Cage, J W of Atwood 75 WY
Cairo 19b,20b MO
Caledonia College 1 AH
Cannon, T W 75 WY
Carbondale, Ill. 15 MO
Younger's Caroline, (slave) 59 WY
Cazy, Miss Lowry 32b MO
Cedar Grove 30b MO
Chambers family 13b,15b,18b MO
Chambers, Dood 19b MO
Chambers, W. P. 16,17,9b MO
Chennyworth, Col 67 WY
Claiborn, Jack 4 AH
Claiborn, Jack's sister 4 AH
Clark, Elizabeth "Betsy" W [Hall] 2 MO
Clark, Samuel Price Clark 1,2,3 MO
Clarksburg 30b MO
Clement, James POW 66 WY
Cole's Dinah 2 AH
Cole's Hannah 2 AH
Cole, Beulah 1,3 AH
Cole, James 1,2 AH
Cole, John 1,2 AH
Cole, Mary 1,2,3,4 AH
Cole, Mr. father of Anna Cole 2 AH
Cole, Mrs. mother of Anna Cole 2,3 AH
Cole, Sallie 1,2,3 AH
Cole, Susan 1,3 AH
Connell, one of the 64 WY
Cook, Jack 4 AH
Copperfield, Dora 3 AH
Covington, Dr. J W 2,3 AH
Covington, Tom 3 AH
Cox, Lieut. N (Tenn USA) 60 WY
Cox, Newt 32b MO
Craig, John Sr and Jr 65 WY
Crawford, Richmond 1 AH
Cribs, Billy (son widow) 62 WY
Cribs, James (Gibson Co) 62 WY
Cribs, Rev. Cullen 62 WY
Crockett, Sam 16b MO
Crome, Miss 8b MO
Cudd, S. C. 67 WY
Cunninghams, Mr. 60 WY
Curtis, Dr. W E 3 AH
Dalton Mill 8,14 MO
Davis, Lizzie 22b MO
Davis, Mr. 22b MO
Davis, Mrs. 22b,23b MO
Davis, President Jeff 1 AH
Davis, Zora 22b MO
Dickson, Anabell 60,74 WY
Dickson, Asabil 60 WY
Dickson, J W of Gibson Co 73 WY
Dickson, John M of Paducah 66 WY
Dickson, L W 74 WY
Dillehunt, Milam Henry Co 67 WY
Dinwiddie, Billie 1 AH
Dinwiddie, Lue 1 AH
Dodd, Mr. 29b MO
Dongola 23b,26b MO
Duncan family 21b MO
Duncan, Dr. Lee L. (Hollow Rock) 14b,15b MO
Duncan, Eugenia (Mrs. Anderson) 15b MO
Duncan, Gerald 15b MO
Duncan, Granpa and wife 14b,15b,16b,21b MO
Duncan, Nim 14b MO
Duncan, Steve 21b MO
Duncan, young Mr. 16b,17b,18b MO
Duncan, younger Mrs. 15b MO
Elvis, servant Aunt Lizzie 9b MO
Everett, Johnson 2 AH
Everett, Mr. 2 AH
Faulkner's Regiment 65,69 WY
Fayne, Jim 26b MO
Flippin, Brown (Gibson Co) 62 WY
Forrest, General CSA 4 WY
Forrest, General N B 1,2 AH
Frank 3,4 AH
Freeman, Gid 3 AH
Freicher, Clay 28b MO
Fry, Mr. 13 MO
Gaines, Brutus 1 AH
Gardner, Riley 8b MO
Garrett and York Wayne Co 69 WY
Golden, Newt 32b MO
Gooch, Capt CSA 65 WY
Goodins, Mrs. Lou 70 WY
Goodloe, James Henry 74,76 WY
Goodloe, M H 74 WY
Goodloe, Margaret Penelope 73,74,77 WY
Goodloe, P. R. 73,77 WY
Goodman, Granny 22b MO
Gordon, Armstead 1 AH
Gordon, Bernard 1 AH
Grant, General 4 AH
Green, Elizabeth "Grandma" 4 MO
Greer of Henry Co 67,69 WY
Grundy, Captain 1 AH
Gwin, Edward 4 AH
Gwin, Mrs. 4 AH
Hall's Co CSA 66 WY
Hamiliton's Aunt Sina, wife Mark 9b,31b MO
Hamilton's old colored man "Mark" 4,7,8,9,10,31b MO
Hamilton, Calvin 3 MO
Hamilton, Empson 3 MO
Hamilton, Grandma 17, 9b,30b,31b MO
Hamilton, Susan [Green] 2,4,8 MO
Hamilton, Thomas 3,4 MO
Hannah, Billie 2 AH
Hannah, Miss Bettie 4 AH
Hansbro, H. J. of Paducah 66 WY
Hardy, Colonel Milton 30b MO
Hardy, Newton 21b MO
Harris men 65 WY
Harris, Albert 3 AH
Harris, John 1 AH
Harris, Miss Bettie 1,3 AH
Harris, Mr. (Beuna Vista) 15b,18b MO
Harwood, J 60 WY
Hawkins, Col I. R. 64 WY
Hawkins, Capt. S. W. 31b MO
Hawkins, Lt Frank 2 AH
Hendrix of Ky 69 WY
Hezzers, Col CSA 65 WY
Hitchcock, Jack 62 WY
Holt, Captain 64,65 WY
Hood family (Mississippi) 32b MO
Howard, Angy 74 WY
Howard, J S at Newburn 73 WY
Huke, John 69 WY
Humble, George 8b MO
Hunter, Claude 32b MO
Hunter, Mollie Lowry 32b MO
Hutcherson, Tom 67 WY
Hyzer's Regiment 65 WY
Irvin, Gerry Weakley Co 65 WY
Irvin, Lieut CSA 65 WY
Younger's Jack, (slave) 59,60 WY
Jenkins, Mary A 1 MO
Johnson family (Mississippi) 22b,26b MO
Johnson's Army CSA 65 WY
Johnson, Andrew 9 MO
Johnson, dau in law & kids 22b MO
Johnson, J. Sam 8 MO
Johnson, Joe 8 MO
Johnson, Louis 8 MO
Johnson, Mr. 15 MO
Johnson, Mr. of Miss. 15 MO
Johnson, old Mrs. 22b MO
Johnson, Silas 23b MO
Johnsons 14 MO
Johnsonville, Tenn 15,10b,13b MO
Johnston, Von 3,4 AH
Johnston, Captain 3 AH
Jones, Caroline 25b MO
Jones, Dr. 22b,23b MO
Jones, Mrs. Dr. Jones 23b MO
Lassiter, Dr. 10b MO
Leach 12 MO
Lee, General Robert E 1,4 AH
Lemmons, two (Leach) 24b MO
Lewis, Thomas 60,62,74 WY
Lincoln, Mr. 61 WY
Lincoln, President 2 AH
Lincoln, President 24b MO
Lindsey, Mrs. 8b MO
Little Joe from Kentucky 3,4 AH
Little, Mr. 27b MO
Hamilton, Elizabeth, Aunt Lizzie 4,9b MO
Lowry(s), Mr (Hollow Rock) 21b,25b,27b MO
Lowry, Jess 32b MO
Lucas, Cretia 23b MO
Lucas, Mr (Mississippi) 21b,22b,24b,26b MO
Luker, James of Paducah 4 AH
Lusk, Byrd 62,64 WY
Lusk, Cal 62,64 WY
Lynville 29b,30b MO
Lyons, General CSA 68 WY
Mackey's Bridge 10b MO
Mansville 30b MO
Martin, Dr. James (H. Rock) 23b,25b MO
Martin, Mrs. (Hollow Rock) 23b MO
Mary, Aunt of Anna Cole 2 AH
Mathis, Ike 63 WY
Mathis, Pat 62 WY
Mattie, little 63 WY
McAuley Graveyard 10b MO
McAuley, Billy 15b MO
McAuley, Calvin 15b MO
McAuley, Dr. Enos (Camden) 15b MO
McAuley, Sissy 15b MO
McCall, Dr. 21b MO
McKenzie, Albert 1 AH
McKenzie, Callie 3 AH
McKenzie, George 1,2 AH
McKenzie, Joe 4 AH
McKenzie, John 1 AH
McKenzie, Malcolm 1,2 AH
McKenzie, Mrs. 3 AH
McKenzie, Sallie 1,2 AH
McKinney, Newt 5 MO
McMillan, Duncan 18b MO
Metropolis, Illinois 15,19b,20b,21b,27b,28b MO
Millers, (Hickman) 25b MO
Mitchell, Lewis and Elkin thieves 69 WY
Mitchell, old Mr. and sons 6,7 MO
Montgomery, "old Mr." 3,5 MO
Montgomery, Lou (Cousin) 11 MO
Moore, Mrs. (CSA sons) 11b, MO
Moore, Thompy 8b MO
Moscow 21b MO
Moscow, Ill 15,21b,32b MO
Younger's Moses, (slave) 60 WY
Mr. Zion Church 23b MO
Murray, N. N. General 6 MO
Neely, Andrew 6,9,12,30b MO
Neely, Bettie 3,8 MO
Neely, Franklin Benjamin 3,10,12 MO
Neely, Grandma 30b MO
Neely, Hannah (wife of J B) 11 MO
Neely, Henry Clay 3,10,12,13 MO
Neely, Hugh L. W. 3,10,12,13 MO
Neely, James Matt 3,10 MO
Neely, John 3,10 MO
Neely, John Berry 3,10,11 MO
Neely, John son of Samuel 16 MO
Neely, Malinda 9,11,12 MO
Neely, Malissa J [Hamilton] 2,4,6,7,8 MO
Neely, Martha "Aunt" 4 MO
Neely, Matt 19b MO
Neely, Samuel 1,3,4,5, 7,14,15,21b MO
Neely, Stuart 3 MO
Nevel, Bill 64 WY
Nevel, George 64 WY
Nevel, old Ruben 64 WY
Newsom, Capt from Jackson 3,4 AH
Nixon, Thomas (Englishman) 71 WY
Null, Captain James 2 AH
Ohio 18b,20b MO
Orr, Mr. 18b MO
Owen, Mr. of Leach 8b MO
Paducah 18b,19b MO
Palmer's Shelter 30b MO
Paris 30b MO
Parker, Mr (father Louis) 20b MO
Parkersons, Capt CSA 65 WY
Pate, John 1 AH
Pattens, A. H. Union City 72 WY
Penn's Company [Captain] 4,5 MO
Penn, Capt CSA 65 WY
Younger's Polly, (slave) 61 WY
Quinn, Loss 64 WY
Randle, Annie 3 AH
Randle, Prof. E H 1 AH
Read, Mrs. Mary 4 AH
Ridings, Mr. 14b MO
Ridley, George 3 AH
Ridley, John 3 AH
Ridley, Wash 1 AH
River Mill Bridge 10b MO
Roach, John C 75 WY
Roach, widow Rev Mal 77 WY
Roberts, Mr. 9b,10b,11b,12b,13b,14b MO
Robertson, Harriet Miss 10 MO
Roger, Eli 8b MO
Rogers, Mr. of Huntingdon 15 MO
Ross, a robber WY
Ross, Sam 3 AH
Sandy River 9b MO
Scates, John Henry 4 AH
Scott, Mr. (Clarksburg) 18b,20b,21b MO
Sherman, Gen Tecumseh 2 AH
Simpson, Mrs. (Clarksburg) 23b MO
Sloan 63 WY
Smith's Command 2 AH
Smith's Gang 65,67 WY
Smith's Raid 3 AH
Smith, bro of Dr. Smith 63,64 WY
Smith, Ed of Clarksburg 10b MO
Smith, G. C. 64 WY
Smith, Harve 62,64 WY
Smith, James 62 WY
Smith, John 62 WY
Smith, Owen of Skullbone 62 WY
Snead's maid Sall 1 AH
Snead, Betty 1,3,4 AH
Snead, Colonel Garland 2,3,4 AH
Snead, Ellen 4 AH
Snead, Israel 2 AH
Snead, Jimmy 3 AH
Snead, Mrs. 1 AH
Snead, Nannie 1 AH
Southern refugees 22b MO
Spellings family 13b,15b,18b MO
Spellings, Mark 16,17,9b MO
Spellings, Old Lady 13b MO
Springer, Joshua 68 WY
Staten, Crews, & Mabry of Ky 69 WY
Stevens, Captian of Wisconsin 59,60 WY
Stout, Lem 62 WY
Suggs, Mr (Wildersville) 23b MO
Suggs, Mr., Mrs. (Wildersville) 26b MO
Swain, Jack 1 AH
Tennessee River 9b MO
Thomas, Frank 1 AH
Tite, Jeff 69 WY
Toliver, Mr. 3 AH
Tool, a horse thief 65 WY
Tosh, Addie 25b,28b MO
Tosh, Carrie (m. Freicher) 25b,28b MO
Tosh, Nancy Neely (Carbondale) 15,23b,28b,29 MO
Tosh, Tom 25b,27b,28b MO
Tosh, Uncle Harrison (Leach) 25b,26b,27b,28b MO
Townsends (Buena Vista) 12b MO
Traying, John 70 WY
Truman, Thomas Col. 66 WY
Waddell, Willis 2 AH
Waddelle, Billie 2 AH
Warner, Bill 60 WY
Warren, Colonel 2 AH
Watson, Jim (Clarksburg) 22b,23b MO
Watson, young man 24b MO
Watter, Andrew (negro) 71 WY
Watts, Benjamin 57,58,59,65,68,72,76 WY
Watts, Mary Jane 57,59,61,72,73,74,75,76 WY
Wedington, James 70,71 WY
Wheeler, Captain 2 AH
Whicker, Corny 63 WY
White, Capt. of St Joe, Mo 62 WY
Whithorn, Bee 26b MO
Whithorn, Mary 26b MO
Whithorn, Mr. 14b,18b,19b,20b MO
Whithorn, Mr.,Mrs (Missouri) 25b MO
Whithorn, Mrs. 15b MO
Williams, Gid (Huntingdon) 16b MO
Williams, Mr. (CSA) 15,17,9b MO
Williams, Mrs. 9b,10b,12b,13b,14b MO
Wilson, Capt. Tobe 4 AH
Wilson, Mr. 3,4 AH
Woollen, Mr. 59 WY
Young of Weakley Co 69 WY
Younger, Isaac Newton 61,63,64,72 WY
Younger, James W 57,58,61,63,71,74 WY
Younger, John Watkins 74,75,76 WY
Younger, Louisa Angeline 75 WY
Younger, Louisa Patton 55,58,59,61,68,74,75,76 WY
Younger, Lydia Emeretta (Roach) 73,75 WY
Younger, Margaret Penelope 71 WY
Younger, Martha Rocinda 73,75,76 WY
Younger, Sarah Ann 72,73,75 (Cannon) WY
Younger, William A 57,58,59,63,66 WY
Younger, Williamson 55 WY