Carroll County TN Bible Records

Bible record: Cloyd and Dane associated families, Carroll Co TN
                                submitted by Virginia Flesher

Edna Cloyd

Tommie Lee Cloyd departed this life July the 16th 1900

J.S. Cloyd and A.L. Smith was married June 21 1923?

Lenard Samel Cloyd was born dec 22 1903
Depart his life died 20 Mar 1933

Sarah H Cloyd Born Nov 11th 1860
Tommie Lee was Born Nov 17th 1877

John S was Born June 12th 1882

Tomme N (Holyday) was born October the 10 1886
And departed this life the 4 of August 1888

A.R. Holyday and S.H. Cloyd was married Jan the 3rd 1886

Gracie B Holyday was borned Nov the 12 1894

Rooye D Smith was born 30 Sep 1908

Haley B Smith was born Jan the 19 1910

Sarah H Holliday died feb 13 1939

Marrid J S Cloyd and A L Smith sons June 29 1902 T S Cloyd Born dec 22 1903
And L H Cloyd bornd sep 5 1906  Baby bornd April 1 1909

Mr Earl Singliton and Mamie E L Smith was married Jan 6 1929  all way rimber and donít for get the night we spent at granpose feb 14 1930

Lockie Smith born feb 15 1913

S C Dane was borned December the 13 1894
O M Dane was Borned March the 22 1897

J W Smith and Gracie Holliday was married August the 4 1907

James Dane and M.G. Cloyd was married September the 17th 1885

C.H. Dane Born August the 1 1887
C E Dane Born september the 3 1892
R R Dane Born May 13th 1892
Ollie Long died Nov 7 1914