Brief Biography of Gordon Browning

Gordon Weaver Browning was an attorney, military officer, United States Representative and two time Governor of Tennessee. He was born near Atwood, Carroll County, Tennessee on November 22, 1889. In his early years he attended local public schools and worked on the farm. In 1913, he graduated Valparaiso University in 1913 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Two years later he received his degree in law from Cumberland University Law School. The same year he was admitted to the Tennessee State Bar and commenced practicing law in Huntingdon, Tennessee. During the First World War, he served as an artillery officer in the Tennessee National Guard and served in France prior to the wars conclusion. He returned from the war to Huntingdon to resume his law practice. In 1923, Browning was elected as a United States Representative and would serve for five successive terms until 1935. On his return from Congress, he launched a campaign to run for governor. He successfully won the election of 1937 and was governor until 1939. The governor was unsuccessful in his bid for re-nomination. During the Second World War, he was re-appointed as an officer in the United States Army. He acted as deputy head of the Belgium- Luxembourg mission and served in the military government in Germany soon following the war. On his return to Tennessee he began another campaign for governor and was once again elected in 1949. His attempt for re-election failed in 1952 and again in 1954. Governor Browning retired from public service following his last campaign for the governorship and returned to practicing law and dairy farming in Huntingdon. He died May 23, 1976 and is interred in Oak Hill Cemetery, Huntingdon, Tennessee.

[ Credits ] December 1997, Gordon Browning Museum.