Descendants of Vandivere C. Skelton
submitted by James T. Lord

Generation No. 1

1. VANDIVERE C.6 SKELTON (LITTLETON5, JOHN WILLIAM4, JOHN WILLIAM3, JOHN WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born Mar 1857 in Hartwell, Hart Co., GA, and died 22 Mar 1922 in White Co., GA. He married HARRIETT in GA. She was born Aug 1859 in GA.


Death Certificate # 08221-D

Age: 65 years

Occupation: retired Farmer

1900: Mossy Creek, White County, Georgia Census;

1910: Mossy Creek, White County, Georgia Census;

1920: Mossy Creek, White County, Georgia Census;


i. ROBERT S.7 SKELTON, b. Jun 1882, White Co., GA.

ii. OSCAR O. SKELTON, b. Dec 1883, White Co., GA.

iii. ALICE L. SKELTON, b. Oct 1885, White Co., GA.

iv. LARRA H. SKELTON, b. Sep 1889, White Co., GA.

v. ELLA E. SKELTON, b. Mar 1890, White Co., GA.

vi. JOHN W. SKELTON, b. Feb 1892, White Co., GA.

vii. MARY C. SKELTON, b. Jan 1894, White Co., GA.

viii. HUBERT C. SKELTON, b. Jan 1896, White Co., GA.

ix. LEILA D. SKELTON, b. Aug 1898, White Co., GA.

x. MILER SKELTON, b. 1899, White Co., GA.

xi. HOMER L. SKELTON, b. 1902, White Co., GA.

xii. CLARENCE A. SKELTON, b. 1905, White Co., GA.


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