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ďI am trying to locate the grave of the wife of one my ancestors.  Family history states that she died at the birth of her last child in 1875.  The last census she was in, (1870) was the White Co., GA one.  Thereís a possiblity that she was buried in White Co., GA.  Her married name was Glaze, given name Mary Elizabeth. Iím not sure of her maiden name, Iíve heard that it was Barker, Gray and Abercrombie or Crumby.  Iím thinking that since this census shows an A in her name that it was probably Abercrombie.  She was born abt 1837 in GA. 
  Was there ever a White Co., GA cemetery book published?  It there was and if you have access to it, would you please check to see if she is buried in one of the cemeteries.  I went through all of the ones on the White Co., site that I was able to access, but some of them took me to a place where I could not obtain them.
  Here is the info. I have on the family in 1870
  Harris Glaze is on the 1870 census of White Co., Ga. in the Shoal Creek district on the 19th day of June, 1870 on Pg. 58 residing in Cleveland in dwelling #20 & family #20.  Everyone in the household was born in Ga.  Harris Glaze (36) is a farm laborer with a personal estate value of $34 who can read but cannot write.  Mary A. is 30 & keeping house & cannot read or write.  It shows that Fanny is 13 & is a domestic servant; John is 11, Joseph is 9, Jacob(Jake) is 7, Henry W. (Willis) is 3 & Juliann is 1Ē. 
  EDITH ROMINES  January 2011
I am Lucian Lamar Sneed, Great-grandson of William Woodrow Jackson, from the Mossy Creek area. My grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Jackson, born 1875 in White County. They moved to Cobb County( Marietta ) Georgia around 1889. The families related were Potts and  Dorsey, and more I am working on.
William Woodrow served in the Civil War from White County.
Lamar Sneed  November 2008
HENRY YOUNG SIMPSON - - I am still trying to locate information on Henry Young Simpson, who came to Cleveland, White County in 1868/69.  He is shown on the 1870 census as a man of the cloth, and is living on the town square. It is believed he left Georgia and returned to Pendleton, SC just prior to the 1880 census. In Cleveland he buried a 3 year old daughter Susan in December 1870, and my grandfather William Robert Simpson was born in Sept. 1870, would have been 3 months old when his sister died.  Any information would be appreciated.  He does show as a member of the Mt. Yonah church on the records shown posted.
Thanks Priscilla
October 2008

2005 Queries

Does anyone know where, LAURA PALMER DAVIDSON, and TOM DAVIDSON, (husband) are buried ? LAURA  lived in White Co. and was the daughter of JAMES (Jim) PALMER and GEORGIA ANN HENDRIX PALMER, of SHOAL CREEK, CLEVELAND GA.
I would appreciate any information on them. They were my Aunt and Uncle.
Thank you.
SHIRLEY WESTFALL.    ( sladyjess2@aol.com)


2004 Queries
October 1, 2004
Looking for descendents of Izorah Colley b. 1859.  Her father was James Colley, b. 1781 d. 1864 and mother Sarah Thompson Colley b. 1824.
Contact:  Vicki Shaffer



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